The Journal of The DuPage County Bar Association

Vol. 9 (1997)

August 1997


Illinois Appellate Court, Second District: 1996 Cases of Significance to Local Practitioners By Honorable Robert D. McLaren, Allyson Harris-Martin, and Frank J. Markov, Jr.

Worker's Compensation Review: 1996 Term Cases of Significance to Local Practitioners By Honorable Michael J. Colwell

Preparing an Attorney's Fee Petition By Elizabeth Krupp McGregor

Illinois Criminal Procedure: Rule 115-10 By Peter G. Baroni and Harry C. Smith

The Co-Conspirator Hearsay Exception: Comparing the Illinois and Federal Rules By Stephen W. Baker and Ken McCracken

June 1997


End of Democracy? The Judicial Usurpation of Politics Editors of First Things

Our Judicial Oligarchy By Robert H. Bork

A Crisis of Legitimacy By Russell Hittinger

A Culture Corrupted By Hadley Arkes

Kingdoms in Conflict By Charles W. Colson

The Tyrant State By Robert P. George

Division of Injury Awards as Marital Property By William B. Boros

May 1997


Government Investigative Techniques in Business Crime Cases By Joseph J. Duffy

A Company's Introduction to the Criminal Process: The Grand Jury Investigation By Steven M. Kowal

Conducting Internal Corporate Criminal Investigations By Daniel M. Purdom

Adverse Inferences and Preclusion Orders in S.E.C. Civil Securities Fraud Litigation By Scott B. Hamilton

Criminal Liability for Corporate Actions: The Responsible Share Doctrine By Stephen N. Landsman

A Few Things You Should Know About the Federal Sentencing Guidelines By David J. Stetler

DCBA Brief