The Journal of The DuPage County Bar Association

Volume 32 (2019-2020)

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June Articles: 

Illinois Contract Law on Force Majeure, Impossibility, Impracticability and Commercial Frustration in The Age of Covid-19By Richard J. Nogal and Brian M. Dougherty

Piercing the Corporate Veil During the Time of COVID-19 By Azam Nizamuddin

Navigating Section 607.6 of the IMDMA: The Use of Counseling Communications in Litigation By Lisa Giese and Melissa Marin

Relationship Building and Zealous Advocacy of LGBTQ Clients By Sarah Schriber and David Fischer 

Five Essential Differences Between Medical Malpractice and Nursing Home Neglect Cases By Matthew Heimlich

The Litigation Minefield: How to Avoid Being A Casualty From The Circuit Court To The Appellate Court By Edward R. Sherman

An Analysis of the Small Business Reorganization Act of 2019 By Joshua Greene



March Articles:

Illinois Supreme Court Rule 352(a): Illinois’ Recommitment to Appellate Oral Argument By Laura Peters

A Simple Guide to “Crimmigration” Law By Neil J. Levine

A First-Impression Analysis of the Terms Present, Potential Hazard, and Close Proximity under the Illinois Vehicle Code By Hon. Kenton J. Skarin






February Articles:

Campaign Finance and Disclosure Requirements
in Illinois
By M. Neal Smith

Emerging Trends in Municipal Law: Short Term Rentals – Capitalism; Socialism, or Piracy? By Steve C. Silvey

Lost Document Archeology: There’s a Statute for That By Barry C. Brotine

250 New Laws in 2020  By Raleigh D. Kalbfleisch



January Articles:

Police Encountering People with Disabilities: A Deadly Encounter By James Naughton

Changing the Way We Do Business: Wave of New Labor & Employment Laws Crashing Down Soon By Jolianne S. Alexander

Introducing Social Media Evidence in Illinois Divorce Cases By Marie Sarantakis, Esq.




December Articles:

New Employment Laws  for a New Generation? By Danya Shakfeh

New Law in Illinois Regarding the Limitation on the Amount of Retainage that can be Withheld from a Contractor in a Construction Contract By Matthew Caruso

Employee Victims of ERISA § 510 Violators Deserve Full Make Whole Remedies of Back Pay, Front Pay and Other Equitable Relief By Joseph Kwiatkowski and Glenn Gaffney

The Strange World of Structured Transactions and Civil Forfeiture By Tony Mankus



November Articles:

Within Hospital Walls: Vicarious Liability in Medical Malpractice By Jacqueline Korn

A New Era of Accessibility: Website Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act By Alissa Carter Verson 

The Illinois Snow and Ice Removal Act – Should you shovel your sidewalks? By Dexter J. Evans





October Articles:

Up in Smoke? Expunged Cannabis-Related Criminal Records May Continue to Haunt Job Applicants By Steven J. Uhrich

The Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act: The Impact on Employers By Brian M. Dougherty

The Effect of Illinois’ Decriminalization of Cannabis on Criminal Records By Hannah V. Garst, Esq. and Bryant Chavez, Esq.





September Articles:

Tortious Behavior Against Employees: Strategies and Defenses By Brian M. Dougherty

Quick Guide to Arbitration Considerations By Kelsey L. Smith

Help! How Do I Get the *#!% Out of Illinois?! (Changing Illinois Domicile to Florida) By Kenneth W. Clingen



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