The Journal of The DuPage County Bar Association

Vol. 28 (2015-16)

June 2016


Drafting an All-Star Lineup of Co-Trustees for Trust Management By Neil T. Goltermann and Daniel S. Porter

People v. Denson: The Illinois Supreme Court’s Primer on How to Properly Preserve a Contested Evidentiary Issue for Appellate Review By Thomas A. Kantas

To Port . . . or Not to Port? By Kimberly S. Coogan, Carrie M. Buddingh and Derek M. Johnson

Appointment Of Receivers Pendente Lite In Business Dissolution Matters By John J. Pcolinski, Jr.

May 2016


Going Through the Motions: A Quick Guide to Terms, Analysis and Filings By Wayne Brucar

In Memory of Justice Antonin Scalia By Hon. Robert G. Gibson

Illinois Parentage Disestablishments after A.A. and the 2015 Parentage Act By Jeffrey A. Parness and David A. Saxe

April 2016


Closing the GAAP: Newfound Strength for the Accountant’s Privilege in Illinois By Peter J. Evans

Game-changing Updates to the DuPage County Law Library in 2016 By Daniel S. Porter

March 2016


Recognizing Animal Sentience Within the Law By Colin William Anderson

JCA and IDEA: Getting Two Systems in Sync By Janet Wagner

What Appellate Lawyers Wish Trial Lawyers Knew By Kaitlyn Anne Wild

Reflections on Practicing Family Law for More than Three Decades By David N. Schaffer

February 2016


Great Rivers of Spending: The Legal Tributaries of Municipal Fire and Police Pensions By Edward N. Tiesenga

Labor and Storage Liens Under Illinois Law By Donald S. Rothschild and Brian M. Dougherty

Can An Employee Who Becomes Injured On The Job Collect Workers’ Compensation Benefi ts and File a Common Law Claim? By Jennifer A. Kunze

January 2016


The Illinois Probate Act: Updates And Changes By Emily Carrara

Life After Browning-Ferris: What Employers Need to Know Under the New Joint Employer Regime By Emily S. Miller and Jeremy J. Glenn

Current Trends And Issues With The U Visa By Rocio S. Becerril

One Last Chance – Four Time DUI Offenders Given Opportunity For Restricted Driving Permit With New Illinois Law By Matthew Cole

December 2015


The New Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act: An Overview By William J. Scott and Robin R. Miller

The New Parentage Act of 2015: Changes and Additions By Raleigh D. Kalbfleisch

November 2015


Succession Planning for Solo and Small Law Firms By Patricia C. Kraft

Trending Now: Protection Against Discharge of Certain Divorce Related Attorney Fees in Bankruptcy By Arthur W. Rummler

The Default Rule on Burden of Proof in Civil Cases By Jeffrey A. Parness

Traits of a Successful Paralegal Tips for Attorneys Hiring for the Law Office By Sally N. Fairbank and Todd C. Holes

October 2015


Physician Employment Agreements –A Brief Examination By Andrew R. Kreamer

A Defense Counsel’s Guide to Preserving Evidence By Christopher P. Holland

Demonstrating “Use” Of Marks To The USPTO By Jefferson Perkins

Does Illinois Recognize A Cause Of Action For Bad Faith Against An Insurer? By Christine McTigue

September 2015


Contract Drafter Beware: Five Illinois Laws That Impact Contract Drafting and Enforcement By Jonathan T. Linnemeyer

Motions to Dismiss Bankruptcy for Cause By Michael W. Huseman

Functioning After Palm v. 2800 Condominium Association Is Possible for Community Associations By Gabriella R. Comstock

DCBA Brief