The Journal of The DuPage County Bar Association

Vol. 27 (2014-15)

July 2015


The New Illinois Constitutional Crime Victim Restitution Right: A Revolutionary Amendment? By Jeffrey A. Parness

Many Veterans Age 65 and Older Can Choose Between VA Benefits and Medicare By James Sullivan

Structuring LLC with Capital Interest, Profits Interest, NCO, Compensatory Option, and Convertible Debt and Equity By Oleg Polyatskiy

June 2015


The Best Interests of the Child in Probate Court: The Case for a Minor Child’s Guardian Overcoming the Superior Rights Doctrine By Elizabeth A. Demonte

Pitfalls of the Power of Attorney for Property By Carlton W. Yoder

For Love or For Money: The Art Collector’s Introduction to Estate Planning By Greta R. Staat

May 2015


Modifying the Terms of a Residential Mortgage in Chapter 13 Bankruptcies By Berton J. “B.J.” Maley

Proving Discrimination Circumstantially Through Evidence Of Pretext By Donald S. Rothschild and Brian M. Dougherty

The Intersection of Autism and the Law in Illinois By Jennifer Wood

April 2015

Medical Marijuana and the ‘Trace Law’: Why Treat Cheech Worse Than Chong? By Mark M. Trapp

March 2015


The Abolition of the Common Fund Doctrine in ERISA Cases: Who Really Prevailed in U.S. Airways v. McCutchen? By Tom Kantas

You Don’t Know It When You See It: Pleading Requirements for Willful and Wanton Conduct By G. Grant Dixon III

It’s all in the Details: A Review of the 2014 Immigration Executive Orders By Mahdis Azimi and David N. Schaffer

Tips from an International Matrimonial Attorney By David N. Schaffer

February 2015


The Intersection Of Notice And Due Process In Bankruptcy By Kent A. Gaertner

Why is the State’s Attorney’s Office Involved in Paternity and Child Support Matters in DuPage County? By Robert Lyons and Monique O’Toole

DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) — Making a Dream A Little More Attainable By Thomas P. Miller and Edyta Salata

January 2015


The Dance of the Discovery Deposition: Dealing with Dodges By Sean McCumber

Statutory Rape and the Duty to Pay Child Support (When One Crime is Not Enough) By Michael R. Hudzik and Anthony E. Vechiola

Not Just a Facelift: The Amended Illinois Power of Attorney Power By Kathleen May

December 2014


What You Need to Know About Beneficiary Designations for Retirement Accounts by Patricia C. Kraft

Successor Liability — The De Facto Merger and Mere Continuation Exceptions by Patrick R. Boland

When Has An Insurer Waived Defenses To Coverage, Or Is Estopped From Raising Those Defenses? by Christine Olson McTigue

Considering Pretrial Release Alternatives in Illinois by Beverly Jones

November 2014


Who Is in Charge Here? Resolving Disputes in the Probate Court Among Those Holding Powers of Attorney, Guardians, and Trustees By Matt Caruso and James Ryan

Illinois Passes New Law Limiting the Use of Criminal Background Information in Employment Applications and Hiring Decisions By Jeremy Glenn and Katelan Little

Inadvertent Misstatements Regarding Citizenship Status: Immigration Law Sets Traps for the Unwary By Thomas A. Doyle

October 2014


Violent Video Games, the First Amendment, and Child Custody By Christopher J. Maurer

Til Get Us Do Part When Illinois Divorce Law and Jewish Religious Law Intersect By Kelly Petersen

What Could Go Wrong? The Dangerous Time between Settlement and Entry of Judgment By Jane E. Nagle

Show Me the Money! By Mary Kay Lieberman and Arnold Ramirez

DCBA Brief