The Journal of The DuPage County Bar Association

Vol. 26 (2013-14)

July 2014


The Illinois Firearm Concealed Carry Act By Tim Martin

Autism and Divorce By Jennifer J. Wood

Bankruptcy Initial Interview: Tips and Traps By Kent A. Gaertner

June 2014


The Importance of Data Encryption and Security Rules: Breaches of Electronic Protected Health Information
Under HIPAA and HITECH By Cindy Gallee

DuPage County Stormwater Utility Fee: Is It Unconstitutional Legislation? By William White 

House Bill 1452: The Future of Family Law in Illinois? By Lisa K Murphy

May 2014


Discovery Limitations in Arbitration Proceedings: Is the Price of “Efficiency” Really Worth it? By David J. Novotny

Erosion of the At-Will Employment Relationship: Discipline/Termination Policies and Procedures By Donald S. Rothschild and Brian M. Dougherty

“24” and the Pardon Power By Edward N. Tiesenga

April 2014


The New Rules Of Limited Scope Representation By David W. Clark

Understanding the Ethical Implications of Fee Sharing By Michael J. Drabant

March 2014


Entity Selection After the 2013 Tax Increases By Oleg Polyatskiy

Post-Conviction Petition Practice: How to Write a Successful Petition and Get Your Client a Hearing By Wayne E Brucar

Stays Of Judgment Pending Appeal Pursuant to Supreme Court Rule 305 By Christine Olson McTigue

February 2014


The Nature of Title Insurance and the “Law Of Unintended Consequences” in Real Estate Transactions By Joseph Fortunato, Jr.

“I Thought We Had a Deal!” Seeking Relief in the Absence of a Written Contract By Patrick R. Boland

Arbitration Clauses: A Practitioner’s Guide By Rachael A. Gould

Fee Disputes: Every Lawyer’s Nightmare By Jay M. Reese and Ammanual Y. Luba

January 2014


The Perils of Unallocated Support By Christopher J. Maurer

A Beginners Guide to Secured Debt in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Cases: Surrender, Redemption, and Reaffirmation By Dennise L. McCann and Jane E. Penley

Enforcing MHA/HAMP Loss Mitigation Guidelines through Illinois Mortgage Foreclosure Law By Stephanie Arsenty

December 2013

Gestational Surrogacy in Illinois: Contracting the Unknown By Heather E. Ross

Rebuilding a Bruised Credit History: Statutory and Practical Considerations By Arthur W. Rummler

FBAR: It’s Not a Four-Letter Word When Dealing with the IRS By Justin Scheid

November 2013


“I Need a Reasonable Accommodation To Request a Reasonable Accommodation”: Fair Housing Rights of Tenants With Mental Disabilities in Subsidized Housing By Kylin E. Fisher

The Changing Role of the Tender Years Doctrine: Gender Bias, Parenthood, and Illinois Law By Erin N. Birt and Elizabeth J. Chacko

In re Castleton: Seventh Circuit Expands Scope Of Absolute Priority Rule By Joshua D. Green

October 2013


Personal Care Contracts: A Necessary Evil for Illinois Families By Gina Salamone and Zach Hesselbaum

UCCJEA and the Interstate Child By Anthony E. Vechiola and Michael R. Hudzik

What the Social Security Administration Will Not Tell You By Joseph F. Emmerth

DCBA Brief