The Journal of The DuPage County Bar Association

Vol. 25 (2012-13)

July 2013


Forgot to Sign on the Dotted Line?: The Law of Unsigned Contracts in Illinois By Kevin R. Sido and Joseph E. Rubas

Conflicts and the Use of Independent Counsel By Scott O. Reed

Investment in Your Future By Janet Fuson and Mary Kay Lieberman

June 2013


Don’t Deface My Painting! Artists’ Rights Under Illinois and Federal Law By Charles G. Wentworth

Should Illinois Adopt the Federal Court’s Mandatory Disclosure Requirements for Civil Cases? By James L. Ryan

Recent Changes and Developments in the Law on Dissipation By Eric L. Schulman


May 2013


New Legislation Gives Mechanics Lien Claimants Priority By Michael T. Nigro and Howard M. Turner

A Quick Look at Interlocutory Appeals By Right and Permission to The Illinois Appellate Court By Christine Olson McTigue

Inheritance is Income for Purposes of Calculating Child Support Under The Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act By Erica Bertini

Worse Than “Chinese Water Torture:” The Second Step in Straightening out North Korea May Include Pressuring China to Stop its Repatriation Campaign of North Korean Refugees By Kevin Zickterman

April 2013


The Evolving and Murky World of ERISA Damages...I Mean Equitable Remedies By Glenn R. Gaffney

March 2013


Illinois’ Health Care Agency Laws: A Hierarchical Game Of Who’s On First By Derek M. Johnson

The Average Lawyer’s Guide to The American Taxpayer Relief Act By Terrence j. Benshoof

A Primer on Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Claims in the State of Illinois By James F. McCluskey

February 2013


Delinquent Child Support: Making a Federal Case By Joseph N. DuCanto

“Joinder and ‘Comprehensive Transaction’ Analysis Under the Code of Criminal Procedure” By Brent Christensen

Recognizing Difficult Clients: The Who, The What, The How to Avoid, and The What to Do When You Have One By Sean McCumber

A Severability Clause in an Insurance Policy Can Save Insurance Coverage for an Additional Insured By Brian J. Armstrong

January 2013


Say What?!: A Look at the Right to Speak at Public Meetings Under the Illinois Open Meetings Act and the First Amendment By Matthew J. Hafeli

Under Illinois Law, What Constitutes A Lack of Standing in Mortgage Foreclosures? By Steve Caravajal

Trade Law 101: What Every Non-Trade Lawyer Should Know about Trade By Mary Kostopoulos

North Korean Labor Camps, the Nazi Concentration Camps of Our Era By William Wojnarowski

December 2012


Confessions of a Conflicted Cognovit Counselor By Edward N. Tiesenga and Nathaniel J. Reinsma

Substitution of Judge as a Matter of Right and the Application in Post-Judgment Proceedings: A Domestic Relations Perspective By Lisa M. Giese

Commercial Lease Assignments: A Litigation Perspective By Brian M. Dougherty

November 2012


Trust Fund Taxes: Personal Liability for Small Business Owners in Economic Decline By Lawrence J. Gregory

Stern v. Marshall Applied: In Re: Ortiz, et al. The Saga Continues By Hon. John H. Squires

HIPAA and Electronic Medical Records: Benefits and Security Issues By Lydia J. Andrasz

Sacrifice, Lies, and the First Amendment: How the Supreme Court Struck Down the Stolen Valor Act By Brent Christensen

October 2012


International Foreign Judgments in Divorce and Custody Cases: A Clash of Legal Cultures By Michael A. Benedetto

The Debate Over Judicial Takings Marks the Next Step in Environmental Policy By Stephanie Mann

When Does “No” Mean “No” in DUI Chemical Test Refusals By Brent Christensen

Retiree Benefits Protection Under § 1114: The Need for Security in a Time of Economic Uncertainty By Ibrahim Ali

DCBA Brief