The Journal of The DuPage County Bar Association

Vol. 23 (2010-11)

July 2011**


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June 2011**


Double Whammy: Employers Engaged In Systematic Wage Theft Best Beware by Glenn R. Gaffney

The New Power of Attorney for Property: Protection for the Principal, or Potential for Abuse? by  Elizabeth McGuan

You Have the Right to Remain Silent, But You Better Speak Up!    by Matthew Dowd

What to Consider Before Drafting a QDRO for a Defined Contribution Plan    by Dorothy A. Voigt

Are Your Client’s Employment Policies Lawful? What We Can Expect from the Current National Labor Relations Board    by Phillip M. Schreiber and Kenneth A. Jenero

Seriously Considering Series LLCs    by Matthew J. Jakobsze

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May 2011**


Illinois Supreme Court Rule 756(f) and What Constitutes Pro Bono Legal Services by Dan Walker and David Christensen

The Realities of Pro Bono Work and the Legal Aid Funding Crisis by Jeffrey J. Kroll

Appointments In The Federal Court Pro Bono Program by Terrence J. Benshoof 

Dealing With Costs in Pro Bono Cases in the Illinois State Courts by Terrence J. Benshoof

Removing the Mental Obstacles From Pro Bono Practice by Steven Behnken

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April 2011**


The Tax Relief Act of 2010: How the Act Affects Small Businesses and Their Owners By Terrence J. Benshoof

What Every Attorney Should Know about the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act By Kenneth T. Lumb

Attacking the Conscionability of Post-Nuptial Agreements By Hon. Thomas A. Else

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March 2011**


Illegal Aliens and the Balancing of Immigration Reform with the “In Terrorem” Effect By Glenn Gaffney

The Inconvenient Truth About Convenience Accounts By James L. Ryan

Tilting at Windmills?  Examining the Tension between the Promotion of Green Energy Initiatives and the Laws Regulating Them By  James Cerami

Some Truths About Lies - Sympathy for the Liar By Matthew T. Caruso

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February 2011**


Advising Distressed Homeowners by  Hon. Robert G. Gibson

Asset Protection Planning: An Important Resource For Clients in Difficult Times by  Richard M. Guerard

The Validity of Warrantless Administrative Searches During Fishing Regulation Enforcement by  Jamie Esser

Neither Admitting, Nor Denying:  Proper Responses to Requests to Admit in Domestic Relations Proceedings by  Todd Scalzo & Sean McCumber

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January 2011**


Do the Costs of Voluntary Dismissal Include a Potential Malpractice Claim? By Scott M. Hardek

Does the Public Zoning Process in Illinois Inhibit Economic Development? Lessons Learned from Navistar’s Move to Lisle
by Gregory W. Jones and Leonard M. Monson

Criminal Contempt in a Criminal Case: Every Lawyer’s Worst Nightmare by Harry C. Smith

Recovering Fees For Paralegal Time By Anthony Abear

The Related Trustee: Old Lessons Learned from New Case Law by Neil Goltermann

Discoverability of the Notes of Guardians Ad Litem In Domestic Relations Proceedings By Anne Knight and Sean McCumber

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December 2010**

The Future of U.S. Immigration Law and Policy: Obstacles and Proposals by Mary L. Field

An Introduction to Illinois’ Newly-Penned Common Interest Community Association (“CICA”) Act by Scott E. Pointner and Derek M. Johnson

A Guide to the Rules for Appeals to the Illinois Appellate Court by Kristopher N. Classen

Judicial Estoppel: How Non-Disclosure of a Cause of Action in Bankruptcy May Spell Doom for a Subsequent Civil Action by Brian M. Dougherty

Is The Illinois Vehicle Forfeiture Statute Unconstitutional? by Alexander J. Geocaris

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November 2010**


The Americans with Disabilities Act: Who is Disabled? by Hon. Bonnie M. Wheaton

Admonitions in the Criminal Trial Court: Waiver of Counsel, Jury Demand, and Non-Citizen Guilty Pleas by Patrick M. Kinnally

The Supreme Court’s Decision in Bilski v. Kappos: The Uncertain Patentability of “Business Methods” by Jefferson Perkins

Velocity Investments: A Game-Changer for Debt Collection Litigation? by David M. Madden

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October 2010**


Avoiding Spoliation Claims: Practical Tips for Business Entities Regarding Litigation Holds and Document Retention by J. Matthew Pfeiffer

Udder Confusion: How Sole Practitioners Can Estate-Plan Their Law Practice, Provide for Their Surviving Family, and Keep the Cash-Cows Satisfied by James Reichardt

Confidentiality and E-mail Communication: A Need for Clarification in Illinois’ Ethics Rules by Jessica Fiocchi

Illinois Supreme Court Clarifies Owner’s Payment Obligations under the Mechanics Lien Act by Benjamin W. Meyer

The Elusive Doctrine of Stare Decisis by William Hutul and Joseph P. Callahan

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