The Journal of The DuPage County Bar Association

Vol. 21 (2008-09)

July 2009


Equity Will Not Enjoin Libel: Was an "Iron Law" Saved by the Death of Johnnie Cochran? by David McCarthy

“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” – What Lies Ahead for Gays in the Military? by Abigail M. Chiesa

Is Federal Substantive and Procedural Due Process lacking in our Divorce Courts? by Paul D. Nordini

NIU's Northern Exposure:
How Sweet is It? Why Illinois Needs the Care of Students with Diabetes Act by Michael P. Hantsch

June 2009


State of the Courthouse 2009 By Honorable Stephen J. Culliton, Chief Judge

The Appointment of a Receiver By Ryan M. Kipfer

The Home Repair and Remodeling Act: Meeting a Contractor’s Obligations By James L. Ryan

The Handshake Contract: What Could Be Wrong With That? By Edward N. Tiesenga and Thaddeus H. Goodchild

Tax Breaks for Businesses By Richard M. Colombik

NIU's Northern Exposure
New Illinois Hearsay Exception Fails to Codify the Common Law “Forfeiture by Wrongdoing” Doctrine By Nhu T. Tran

May 2009


The Attorney’s Guide to Illinois Water Law By Richard F. Bales

Tax Issues for the Non-traditional Couple By Richard F. Bales

On Legal Writing By Christopher Keleher

The DuPage County Family Center – A Practitioner’s Perspective By Clarissa Myers

NIU's Northern Exposure
The Charitable Purpose Exemption and Illinois Hospitals: It’s time to Retire the Methodist Test By Joseph Hylak-Reinholtz

April 2009


Avoiding Landmines: Appellate Jurisdiction and the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriages Act By Gregory C. Maksimuk

Social Security Changes For 2009 By Neil H. Good

The Himmeliation of Roland Burris By Edward N. Tiesenga

NIU's Northern Exposure
The New (But Not Really Improved) Illinois Mental Health Code By Mary I. Wood

The Grief (pdf file)

March 2009**


Springfield’s Lincoln By Judge Thomas Dudgeon

The 20 Year Anniversary of Himmel:  Brushing Up on Your Duty to Report Attorney Misconduct By Seth L. Ellis and Jeffrey R. Hanes

Metadata Mining During e-Discovery: The Potential for Finding a Diamond in the Rough By Erin E. Wright

Defeating Adverse Possession Through Presumptions By Raya D. Bogard

NIU's Northern Exposure
Bail in International Extraditions: How the “Special Circumstances” Standard Has Become “Especially Confusing” By Christopher S. Kelly

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February 2009


Transfer of Interests in Copyrights By Stephen Behnken

Monetizing Music Over the Internet: An Examination of Online Money-Making Opportunities for Artists and Web Sites By Daliah Saper & Dominika Szreder

The RIAA Versus the People: A File-Sharing Witch Hunt By Heather Neaveill

Current Legal Trends and Issues for Illinois Musicians By Jay B. Ross

Does God Get a Copyright Exemption?  The Use of Music at Worship Services & Events By Sean McCumber

January 2009


The Limits of Limited Liability for Corporate Officers, Directors, and Shareholders: Eleven Things You Need To Know By David M. Madden

Establishing Tortious Interference with a Prospective Business Relationship By Lauryn E. Parks

Attorney Sanctions:  When are Supreme Court Rule 137 Motions Appropriate? By Jennifer L. Friedland

The Evolving Role and Impact of the CPA Business Appraiser/Expert Witness By Tony Garvy

December 2008

“Oh, Won’t You Stay Just a Little Bit Longer”: Duration and Extension of the Automatic Stay in Bankruptcy By Berton J. Maley

The Lighter Side of Declining Property Values: The Possibility of Lifting Junior Mortgage Liens in Chapter 13 By Richard Sexner

Chapter 13 Repayment Plans: Development and Drafting Considerations By Glenn Stearns

Caution! Failing Business Ahead!! Knowing When to Pull the Plug on a Failing Business  Can Protect Your Client’s Hard Earned Wealth By Arthur W. Rummler

November 2008


Is Your University or College's Homepage Accessible to Prospective Students with Visual Impairments? By William D. Goren

Emancipation Events: Judicial Activism to Curb Parental Alienation Syndrome By Paul D. Nordini

The Employee Retaliation Plaintiff and  Title VII: The 800-pound Gorilla Plays the Victim By David McCarthy

NIU's Northern Exposure
The Statutory Convenience Account: A Viable Solution to Unnecessary Joint Account Litigation By Sheri Brown

October 2008


“Designer” Jewelry vs. “Inspired-by” Jewelry: Intellectual Property Infringement and Unfair Competition Considerations By Daliah Saper, with assistance from her law clerks: Nicolas Jaramillo and Adam Urbanczyk

Online Copyright Infringement Presents Some Special Issues By Evan D. Brown

An Intellectual Property Primer By Vik Panchal and James Drake

The Preservation Three Step: What Every Lawyer Should Know to Protect a Client’s Potentially Patentable Assets By Eric R. Waltmire

NIU's Northern Exposure
Huber v. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.:  The Eighth Circuit’s Interpretation of Reassignment Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, Post-Barnett By Lindsay Omolecki

DCBA Brief