The Journal of The DuPage County Bar Association

Vol. 20 (2007-08)

July 2008**


Facts About Women & the Law

The Growing Trend of Women Filing Bankruptcy and the Effect of the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005

Eight Women to Watch

Problems for Females in the Juvenile Justice System: What is Happening and What Can Be Done?

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June 2008**


The Tort of “Bad Faith Refusal to Settle” in Illinois By James P. Marsh

Independent Insurance Brokers Owe Clients a Fiduciary Duty By David S. Klevatt and Laura Parry

Insuring Municipalities: Defending Under The Tort Immunity Act A Dog Of A Case Study By Steven B. Ekker

The Insurer’s Duty to Defend By Ted A. Donner

Relief from Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist Arbitration Awards By Kimberly A. Davis

Defending Personal Injury Automobile Cases that Involve Alcohol Consumption By E. Angelo Spyratos and Pamela L. Pierro

Whose Auto Insurance Policy is Primary? By Jennifer L. Moore

NIU's Northern Exposure
A Splitting of (Gray) Hairs: the Implications of Desert Palace v. Costa for the Age Discrimination in Employment Act By Bradley R. Tengler

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May 2008**


Valuation and Division of Business Assets in Divorce By Raiford D. Palmer

Beware the Illinois Employee Classification Act By Markus May

Decisions, Decisions….The Business Entity Dilemma for the Business Owner By Gerald A. Cassioppi

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April 2008**


Follow The Money: The Partial Payment Doctrine and Unwritten Contracts By Ronald D. Menna, Jr.

Violation of The Home Repair and Remodeling Act Bars Recovery by Contractor Even Under Equitable Theories By Michael T. Nigro

Illinois Supreme Court Rule 216: When To Use Requests to Admit By Gilbert C. Schumm

Dodging the Rule 216 Bullet (A Few Additional Thoughts on the Subject) By James L. Ryan

The Grief (pdf file)

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March 2008**


Will Parker v. District of Columbia: Signal The End of Illinois Municipality Handgun Bans? By Christopher Keleher

Plaintiff’s Motion for Remand after Defendant’s Diversity Jurisdiction Removal By Glenn R. Gaffney

Considering Non-Bankruptcy Alternatives in the Wake of the Revised Bankruptcy Code By James L. Ryan

Avoiding the Auctioneer’s Gavel: Saving Homes from Foreclosure By Berton J. Maley

Remarks of Henry F. White, Jr., Executive Director, American Bar Association, at DuPage County Bar Association, Veteran’s Day Celebration, November 14, 2007

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February 2008**


At the Finish Line: Drafting Sponsorship Agreements That Won’t Trip You Up By Sean McCumber and Mary Hutchings Reed

Employer Liability in Domestic Relations Law: The Income Withholding for Support Act’s Overlooked Remedy in Child Support Enforcement By Henry D. Kass

Corporate Attorneys and Claims of Privilege By Glenn R. Gaffney

NIU's Northern Exposure
Am I My Brother in Law’s Keeper?: Doe v. Dilling and Family Members’ Protection under the AIDS Confidentiality Act By April J. Morgan

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January 2008**


Why Does an 18 Year Old With Disabilities Need a Guardian? By Mary Denise Cahill and Robert H. Farley, Jr.

Criminal Background Checks of Prospective Jurors: A Necessity or an Intrusion? By Penelope Pillsbury Campbell

Due Diligence in the Acquisition of Intellectual Property By Justin Lampel

The Face-to-Face Meeting Requirement for FHA Mortgages in Illinois By Robert F. Brunn

Immigration-It Is What It Is, But Now It Involves You Too By Fred DePasquale

NIU's Northern Exposure
An Illinois Court’s Response to the “Day of Silence” By Mark Perlaky

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December 2007**

Civil Unions in Illinois: A Cautious Gaze Into A Possible Future By Joseph F. Emmerth

Cohabitation: What to Do When Couples Cannot or Do Not Marry By Elizabeth A. Pope

Non-Traditional Families and Alternative Family Building: Securing Parental Rights for Intended Parents By Debra J. Braselton and Maxine Weiss Kunz

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November 2007**


Insurance and Storm Damage – Who Pays? By Jennifer L. Moore

To Sue or Not To Sue: A Hypothetical Case Study in The Use of Decision Trees in Developing Litigation
 By David M. Madden

Watch Out Third Floor: The Bankruptcy Trustees are Lurking By Kent A. Gaertner

When are Internet Communications not “Electronic Communications” under the Illinois Eavesdropping Statute? By Eric R. Waltmire

NIU's Northern Exposure
Commandeering Generic Slang: A “Hogwash” Decision Upholding Trademark Protection for Harley Davidson
in H-D Michigan, Inc. v. Top Quality Service, Inc. Case Note
By Jeffrey R. Hanes

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October 2007**


Settlement In The Seventh Circuit: It’s Not Simple Anymore By John McGinnis

Military Court Member Selection Process: Truly A ‘Volunteer’ Force By Charles Leen

The DCBA’s New President: An Interview With Fred Spitzzeri By John Pcolinski, Jr.

NIU's Northern Exposure
An Argument for the Adoption of an Illinois Homeschooling Statute By Erica Mynarich

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