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DCBA Brief's From the Editor
October 2005
By John Pcolinski, Jr.

As this month’s edition goes to press we are still witnessing the aftermath of the terrible events in the South involving Hurricane Katrina. Of course, there are recriminations and finger pointing to go around and perhaps some of it is warranted. I am not in a position to know or opine. Hopefully as you receive this, the suffering will be abating. After watching things for a week, one theme which has emerged is that, some human beings apparently do have a capacity for wrongdoing and neglect. Not as clear from the coverage is the fact that most people are basically good, well meaning and kind.

As lawyers, we are expected to be leaders of our communities in return for the privilege of practicing law. Thus, it is incumbent upon us to lend our hands to the resolution of the plights of those less fortunate than ourselves. The cover photo for this month’s edition was taken at one of many events where the members of our organization fulfill that obligation on a regular basis. Through the Lawyers Lending a Hand program, countless hours of time are offered to meet various needs in our community. In addition, our bar association sponsors our legal aid clinic to provide legal services for those who cannot afford competent representation, our Bar Foundation raises and disburses funds to worthy causes, the Bar Association sponsors scholarships, our members raise funds for cancer research in conjunction with other organizations and the list goes on.

While most of them would rather not take any credit for it, I am certain that many of our members have already committed their time and resources to help in the relief efforts for the victims of Katrina. Most would be uncomfortable with any accolades for doing this as they would view it as merely doing their duties; I think, however, that we owe them an acknowledgment in these pages. Nevertheless, it bears noting that our profession and our association continue to meet these challenges and to help make this world a better place as a matter of course. Good for you DCBA.

This month’s edition has articles involving property tax appeals, environmental law and more. I want to thank all of those involved with our publication for their continuing efforts including Lead Articles Editor Mazyar Hedayat. Even in this endeavor, members of our association are dedicating their valuable time to improve the profession and, therefore, our abilities to benefit our community.

John Pcolinski, Jr., Editor

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