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DCBA Brief's From the Editor
September 2005
By John Pcolinski, Jr.

“It’s like déjà vu all over again” Yogi Berra. I’m just a boy who can’t say no (with apologies to Rogers and Hammerstein). Those are just a couple of the thoughts I had as I began my second stint at this position of Editor of The Brief.

One of the perks of being editor is the opportunity to write this editor’s page and to share a few thoughts and perhaps laughs with the readers. I may have taken it a little too seriously or officiously in my prior attempts, so this time I promise to lighten up a little. It doesn’t hurt that as I write this I am just back from a vacation in Wyoming and Montana where I got to watch my eight year old boy shame a 50 year old man into jumping off a bridge into the frigid waters of the Gallatin River (I’m not yet 50 thank you very much—I was referring to another, older coot).

I want to thank our President, Chuck Roberts, for the opportunity to help out again, my staff liaison, Jacki Hamler, for the invaluable help she has provided and will provide, our desktop publisher Mary Anne McManus for her customary excellent work, my predecessor David King for leaving me with an energized Publication Board and the members of the Publication Board itself for rallying to the cause on short notice.

As always, we welcome your submissions for publication and hope that they will keep coming. Take the opportunity to crystallize your knowledge of a particular area of law into an article or to impress would- be clients and referral sources of the wisdom of choosing you to handle a particular type of legal matter.

This month we are privileged to have articles regarding the Contact Sports Exception, Patent Law and the location of assets in the context of divorce proceedings.

John Pcolinski, Jr., Editor, is a partner in the Wheaton, Illinois law firm of Guerard, Kalina & Butkus and Adjunct Professor of Business Law at North Central College in Naperville, Illinois. Licensed in Arizona since 1986 and Illinois since June of 1987, his practice is concentrated in all phases and types of civil litigation with an emphasis on chancery matters including trade secret and non-competition clause litigation.

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