The Journal of The DuPage County Bar Association

Vol. 17 (2004-05)

July 2005


People v. Caballes: Illinois Search and Seizure Jurisprudence Fails to Pass The Sniff Test By Robert Kalnitz

Issues and Concerns When Settling Title Vii Claims Involving Illinois Local Governments By Marcus J. Zarlengo

Human Embryos and the Illinois Wrongful Death Act: A Physician’s Perspective By John S. Rinehart  and
Lisa A. Rinehart

Pre-trial Dismissal Based On Other Affirmative Matter: An Open Invitation Has Its Limits, Too By David H. McCarthy

NIU's Northern Exposure
Payday Loan Laws: A Survey of Illinois’ and Federal Law That Applies to Payday Loans By Julie Anderson

June 2005


A Practical Guide to Medicaid and Medicare By Eliot Abarbanel

The New Bankruptcy Code: Goodbye Consumer Chapter 7 Cases By Michael J. Davis

“Understanding Court Appointed Special Advocates” CASA of DuPage County, Inc. By Kathleen Paravola and Kathleen Buchanan Bondi

NIU's Northern Exposure
Evidence, What Evidence? Spoliation and Implications For Third Parties By Lisa M. Psaute

May 2005


Finalist of the Second Annual DCBA Writing Contest: When Justice Hides Its Face By Bob Gibson

Rights, Roles And Responsibilities of Child Advocates (Attorney for Child, Guardian ad Litem, and Child’s
 By Jeffrey W. Brend and J. Denise Niemczyk

Finalist of the Second Annual DCBA Writing Contest: Collegiate Team Prayer and the First Amendment By Diane E. Elliott

NIU's Northern Exposure
Legislating by Faith, Time for a Policy Change By Yvonne Lapp Cryns

April 2005


Attorney Review Provisions: Condition Subsequent Analysis By William Whiteheart

Materiality: The Forgotten Objection? By John J. Pcolinski, Jr.

Finalist of the Second Annual DCBA Writing Contest: Diagnostic Genetic Technologies Left Stranded on First Base: A Need to Unwind the Protection Afforded Gene Patents By Christopher J. Betti, Ph.D.

Jury Trials in Chancery Cases

NIU's Northern Exposure
When Should Municipalities be Held Liable for Injuries Negligently Caused by Illinois Police Officers? By Kerry A. Bute

February/March 2005


A Primer on Judicial Admissions By Markus May

How to Conduct an Effective Arbitration Hearing By Timothy N. Newitt

Battling Scylla and Charybdis in the Flooded Basement: The insurer as both vendor manager and subrogee By Edward N. Tiesenga

Opening a Closed Chapter 7 Case to Avoid a Judicial Lien under 11 USC 522(f)(1) and USC 522 (f)(2)(a) By Kent A. Gaertner

NIU's Northern Exposure
How One Overcomes Temptation: When Members of the Supreme Court Abandon Their Political Ideologies By D. J. Evans

January 2005


Combining a Reverse Exchange and a Forward Exchange Utilizing Revenue Procedure 2000-37 Introduction by Richard W. Kuhn; Article by Mary Cunningham-Watson

Illinois Automatic Contract Renewal Act - Amended to Require Written Disclosure Notice to Consumers of Automatic Renewal Contracts, and to Make Violation of Act a Violation of Consumer Fraud Act By Bart T. Murphy

The Quest for the Green Card: Eligibility and Obstacles By Mary L. Field

Joint Payees on Contractor-Generated Insurance Proceeds By Edward N. Tiesenga

Deconstructing Insurance Proceeds Escrows to Get Your Contractor Client Paid By Edward N. Tiesenga

NIU's Northern Exposure
The Application of Buckhannon Board and Care Home, Inc. v. West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act By Karen Blouin

December 2004


Walking (With All Due Care) In A Winter Wonderland By Anne M. O’Brien

Picture This: Dupage County Court Bans Camera Phones By Christina Schmucker

Got Mold?: Advising the Contractor Hired To Clean It Up By Edward N. Tiesenga

NIU's Northern Exposure
The Future of Tort Reform in Illinois: Resisting the Damage Cap Draw By Carrie Lynn Vine, Ph.D.

November 2004

HIPAA - Here We Go Again! How The Security Rule May Affect Your Clients By Monique Warren

Military, Employment And Business Law - New Developments That Employers, Employees Who Are Military Reservists or Guardsmen, and the Lawyers Who Represent Them, Should Be Aware Of By Charles W. Dobra

Social Security Disability By David R. Bryant

NIU's Northern Exposure
Genetic Marker Testing:  “Are The Constitutional Issues Really Settled?” By Ryan Armour

October 2004


Practice in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois - Do’s And Don’ts from a Judicial Perspective By Honorable Judge Matthew F. Kennelly

Section 1983 Litigation In A Nutshell: Make A Case Out of It! By Jon Loevy

Media Exploitation of the Sensational Trial: How to Preserve and Protect the Non-Sequestered Jury – “A Modest Proposal” By Myrna Smith and Robert Phillip Ward

NIU's Northern Exposure
Martha Stewart v. “Son Of Sam” and the First Amendment By Michael T. Delcomyn

September 2004


Can a Foreign Company Do Business in Mexico? The Answer Depends on the Type of Business it Wants to Do There By Alexander Olsansky, Jr.

The Reasonable Expectations Doctrine in Illinois By Christopher S. Carroll

Litigating the Insurance Claim: What Every Plaintiff’s Attorney Needs to Know By Marshall W. Conick

Appeals from Non-final Orders, A/K/A Interlocutory Appeals, in Civil Matters Prior to Final Judgment By Justice Robert D. McLaren

NIU's Northern Exposure
Are Independent Psychiatrists Needed to Ensure Adequate Due Process Protection under the Illinois Sexually Dangerous Persons Act:  A Look at the Illinois Supreme Court decision of People v. Burns By Matt Keegan

DCBA Brief