The Journal of The DuPage County Bar Association

Vol. 16 (2003-04)

June 2004


Internet Evidence in Illinois: Point, Click & Admit? By J. Ryan Potts

Excited Utterances Statements as Trial Evidence By Timothy P. Martin

County Home Rule: Burden or Blessing for Municipalities? By Marc Zarlengo

Epistemology and the Legal Environment By Martin Murphy

DCBA Writing Contest Winner By Mark E. Turek

NIU's Northern Exposure
Johnson v. Ford Motor Co., Application of The Second Restatement of Conflict of Laws and Policy Implication By Ryan Armour

May 2004


A Hidden Trap in the Chapter 13 Treatment of Mortgage Arrears By Scott J. Kofkin

Be Ever Vigilant: Bankruptcy Practice and the “Civil Enforcement Initiative” By Thomas E. Springer

CHAPTER 13 v. .… (Considerations for various debt options) By Marc C. Scheinbaum

Using Assignments to Liquidate Business By Michael J. Davis

NIU's Northern Exposure
People v. Normand: The Status of Child Pornography in Illinois after Ashcroft v. Free Speech Coalition By Charlotte LeClercq

April 2004


Capital Punishment Reform in Illinois – A Model for the Nation By Illinois State Senator John Cullerton, Illinois State Senator Kirk Dillard and Peter G. Baroni

Illinois v. Lidster - A View From The Inside By Donald J. Ramsell

Special Considerations For Pre-Trial Proceedings Involving Pro Se Litigants By Devlin J. Schoop

Osha Is No Longer a Small Country Near Siberia By Robert H. Brown

NIU's Northern Exposure
Madigan v. Snyder The Illinois Supreme Court Evaluates the Governor’s Pardon Power By Martin P. Simpson

March 2004


A Practitioner’s Guide To Health Sector Transactions By John M. Callahan

Can Music Pirates Abandon Ship And Leave Insurers Holding The Bag? By Richard Hodyl, Jr. and Kevin M. Gard

April Fools’ Day: Policing The Pranksters By Jeffrey S. Fowler

A Primer on Obtaining Driving Privileges through Formal Administrative Hearings By John W. Callahan

Pretrial Settlement Conferences: A Roundtable Discussion With Judges Patrick J. Leston, Hollis L. Webster and
Bonnie M. Wheaton
 By Steven M. Ruffalo

NIU's Northern Exposure
Prosecution Without Authority by the State’s Attorneys Appellate Prosecutor’s Office By Mark A. Harper, Ph.D.

February 2004


New Illinois Law Protects Victims of Domestic Violence By Emily M. Shaules

Getting Paid From The Chapter 7 Estate Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Amended §330 of The Code By Mazyar M. Hedayat and Vikram R. Barad

Targeted and Tarnished: Salvaging Employees’ Jobs By Michael F. Lefkow

EMTALA Revisions Update: What You Need to Know to Help Your Clients By Linnea Schramm

NIU's Northern Exposure
The Illinois Probate Act: New Weapon in the Fight Against Elder Abuse By Kadi Weck

January 2004


Settlement Conferences: What Can Go Wrong? By Timothy B. Newitt

The Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act Analysis by Rory T. Weiler

“Mother Knows Best”: Judicial Deference and the Child’s Best Interest By Steven N. Peskind

NIU's Northern Exposure
Illinois’ Child Endangerment Statute:  An Overview of Legislative Changes and Court Application By Melissa A. Burken

December 2003**


The Application of the Implied Covenant of Good Faith and Fair Dealing in Contract Cases By Ronald B. Kowalczyk and Melissa Piwowar

Deviation From The Child Support Statute (750 Ilcs 5/505(a)(2)) Regarding Child Support By Christopher D. Edmonds

The Right To Question Prospective Jurors By Ted A.Donner

NIU's Northern Exposure
Helping Legal Ethics to Catch Up With Modern Legal Services for Poor Persons: ABA Model Rule of Professional Conduct 6.5 By Ryan J. Dowd

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November 2003

The Bates Decision: The Rationalization of an Unconstitutional Child’s Representative Statute By Deborah A. Carder and Abigail M. Chiesa

Contested Adoptions: Arguments, Factors, and Preferences By Anthony Abear

What Every Lawyer Needs to Know About Disability Insurance By Mark D. DeBofsky

NIU's Northern Exposure
Why the 7th Circuit Should Affirm the Unconstitutionality of SBC’s Rate Increase Legislation By Laura J. Hodge

October 2003


Case Note: The Medical Studies Act - New Frontier or an Old Battleground? By Justice Susan Fayette Hutchinson

Appeals from Guilty Pleas: Noncompliance With Rule 604(d) By Leah C. Myers

Employee Handbooks: The Great Debate! By Nancy E. Joerg

NIU's Northern Exposure
Sisbro, Inc. v. The Industrial Commission: Why Aggravation of a Pre-Existing Medical Condition is Compensable Even If the Condition of Ill-Being Could Have Been Caused By Normal Daily Activity. By Roxanne Sosnowski

September 2003


Bankruptcy and Community Associations: What an Association Can and Cannot Do When an Owner Files Bankruptcy By Gabriella Comstock

When Contracts Meet Torts: A Comparative Study of the Basic Law of Exculpatory Clauses in the Health and Recreation Context By James Cavenagh

The Pro Bono Attorney and an Indigent Criminal Defendant’s Right to State-Subsidized Experts By Nicholas L. Lopuszynski, in conjunction with Honorable Anne B. Jorgensen, 18th Judicial Circuit, Felony Division

Global Expansion is a Matter of Construction: To take a Company Global, Build a Bridge that Connects the Company to the Right Global Opportunities  By Alexander Olsansky, Jr.

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