The Journal of The DuPage County Bar Association

Vol. 14 (2001-02)

June 2002


State of the Courthouse, April 23, 2002 By Chief Judge Robert K. Kilander

We Lost a Good Friend in Charley Popejoy By Lester Munson

Family Matters: Does It? By Frederick E. Roth

Certificates Of Insurance in Construction Accident Coverage Litigation: The Disclaimer Language Is Effective  By James P. Marsh

NIU's Northern Exposure
Will the Innocence Protection Act Protect Anyone At All? By Kelly Reissmann

May 2002


Should an Attorney Be Allowed to Simultaneously Represent a Party and an Independent Fact Witness Deponent? By Gawain Charlton-Perrin

Applying the Inevitably Incident Conduct Statute: Did the Appellate Court “Get It Wrong?” By Edward C. Carter, III

Much Ado About Something — and Something You May Not Know: The Supreme Court in Toyota Motor Manufacturing v. Williams and PGA Tour, Inc. v. Martin  By William D. Goren

Unauthorized Practice Of Law By A Paralegal: What It Is And How To Avoid It By Mary Kay Lieberman, RP

April 2002


Recovery of Litigation Expenses by a Prevailing Plaintiff Mark W. Monroe and Anne M. Riegle

Opportunities for Lowering Real Estate Taxes in DuPage and the Other Collar Counties By Michael J. Elliott and Joanne P. Elliott

Practical Estate Planning Under The New Tax Laws By Richard A. Kuenster

What is Happening to Our Girls? Girls in the Juvenile Justice System By Anne V. Swanson

NIU's Northern Exposure
The Rights of Sexual Offenders on Probation: Conditions Must Rationally Relate to the Goals of Probation By Kenya A. Jenkins

March 2002


Sniffing Around The Fourth Amendment: The Constitutionality of Warrantless Dog-sniffs By Hon. Mark W. Dwyer

Expungement: Eligibility, Extent And Effects By Michael W. Fleming and Michelle L. Moore

Authenticating On-line Communications and Making Them Count By Craig J. Chval and Keith G. Chval

Field Sobriety Testing In Illinois - Science V. Law By Donald J. Ramsell

NIU's Northern Exposure
Illinois’ Application of the Discovery Rule to Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse By Chrissie F. Garza

February 2002


Relief From Judgments By Timothy B. Newitt

The Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act of 1994 and the Service Men’s Employment Tenure Act: What Every Employer Should Know By Joanna G. DuPriest

Recent Criminal Case Law Analysis: A Reminder to Fully Examine the Facts of Your Case By Hon. Cary Pierce, Steven D. Armamentos and Christopher B. Klis

I Want To Advertise, But I’m Afraid!!! By Lynda Keever

NIU's Northern Exposure
Airport Exceptions to the Fourth Amendment’s Warrant Requirement By Brett A. Skean

January 2002


The Roger K O’Reilly Symposium on Civilty and Advocacy

    Introductory Remarks — Attorney General James Ryan

    Honorable Marvin E. Aspen

    Robert A. Clifford

    Neil K. Quinn

    Panel Discussion — Edward Walsh, Moderator

NIU's Northern Exposure
Does it Hurt to Ask?: Search and Seizure Violations in Requesting I.D. From Passengers in Traffic Stops By John J. Palmer

December 2001


Emerging Issues In Employment Litigation Under 42 U.S.C. Section 1981 By Sharmila Roy

Incompetence In Illinois: Powers of Attorney-Living Trusts-Guardianship By Carol A. Nolan and Michael Overmann

Can They Do That? Well, It Depends, But Generally Speaking… By Marti J. Sladek

Unallocated Family Support By William J. Parkhurst

November 2001

A Summary On Summary Judgment By Patrick M. Kinnally

Cohabitation on a Resident Continuing Conjugal Basis: What is it, When Must it Occur in Order to Terminate a
Party’s Obligation To Pay Maintenance, and As of What Date is the Obligation Terminated?
 By David A. King

Impact Of Criminal Convictions and Guilty Pleas On Civil Proceedings By Stephen W. Baker and Mark Rouleau

Non-immigrant Business Visas: A Quick Reference Guide By Fred De Pasquale

October 2001


New Developments in Auto Fraud Litigation By Dmitry N. Feofanov

The Not-So-Absolute Privilege For Defamation By Attorneys By Laurie A. Silvestri

Reeves v. Sanderson Plumbing: Turning Back the Tide on Summary Judgment in Federal Employment Cases By Marcia L. McCormick

Recent Illinois Supreme Court Decisions Governing Proceedings to Terminate Parental Rights By John Schmidt

The New Illinois Supreme Court Rule 99 "Mediation Programs" By Judy L. Hogan

NIU's Northern Exposure
Village of Bloomingdale v. CDG Enterprises, Inc. Revives the Power of Sovereign Immunity By Matthew M. Grob

September 2001


Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Arbitration: Don’t Be Putoff By Setoffs By Steven B. Ekker and Jana L. Fischer

Court Annexed Arbitration: A Case Law Update and One Arbitrator’s Thoughts By Nick Alexander

Bankruptcy Discharge of Attorney’s Fees in Domestic Relations Cases: Who Wins, Who Loses By Thomas A. Else

DCBA Brief