The Journal of The DuPage County Bar Association

Vol. 13 (2000-01)

June 2001


Memories By Eddie Wollenberg

When To Elect A Remedy By Frederick E. Roth

A Defense Perspective: Expert Cross-Examination and the Sole Proximate Cause Defense By Alan J. Brinkmeier

Some Thoughts On Home Inspections By Harold I. Levine

A Condominium Association’s Ability To Impose Late Charges By Gabriella R. Comstock and Charles M. Keough

Environmental Nuisances By Frederick E. Roth

NIU's Northern Exposure
Momentary Crossing Of Center Line Held To Be “Reasonable Suspicion” For A Traffic Stop By Steven Brooks

May 2001


Substitution of Judge By Hon. Charles M. Travis

Seventh Circuit to Decide Whether Fee-Splitting Required Under Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act By Daniel A. Edelman

Landowners Beware: Duty of Care Equals Reasonable Foreseeable Harm By Cynthia Bronson and Lynda Keever

What Constitutes Dissipation of Marital Assets? By Stephanie Bass and Neil Robin

Write the Right Order By Hon. Charles M. Travis

April 2001


Some Random But Important Thoughts On Client Relations By Timothy B. Newitt, Sr.

OSHA’s New Ergonomics Regulations...15 Minutes of Fame By Mark J. McAndrew and Alison J. Lezak

Caution: Minefield Ahead - You’re A Trustee!! By Lynda Keever

Accountant’s Privilege: Not All Its Cracked Up To Be By Richard M. Colombik

The French Legal System By Joy Stoddard

NIU's Northern Exposure
How Long is Too Long: Defining What is Undue Delay in Right to Speedy Trial Cases By Lisa M. Matich

March 2001


The Apprendi Problem: House Bill 1511’s Intent in the Face of Unclear Precedent and Disparate Case Law By Senator Dan Cronin and Peter G. Baroni

DUI Practice Implications Arising from the Newly Promulgated Illinois State Police Rules Concerning the Testing of Breath, Blood and Urine for Alcohol, Other Drugs, and Intoxicating Compounds By Roberta W. O’Leary

Other Crimes Evidence in Illinois By Scott Sinson

February 2001


A Look Back By Hon. Michael R. Galasso

The Possible Interjection of the New Spouse’s Finances Into Post-Decree Dissolution of Marriage Proceedings By Timothy M. Daw

Appealing Service Decisions Made by the Department of Children and Family Services and Its Private Provider Agencies By Judy L. Hogan

Juvenile Transfer Cases: Purposes, Problems and Strategy By Phyllis M. Devitt and Anthony V. Coco

Alternative Dispute Resolution in DuPage County By Judy L. Hogan and Marti J. Sladek

NIU's Northern Exposure
Lofton Case Brief By Paul Carpenter

January 2001


Counterpoint: Congress Did Properly Waive the States’ Sovereign Immunity in Enacting the ADA By William D. Goren

Emergency Injunctive Relief in Illinois By Michael D. McCormick

The Noncooperation Defense By Michael B. Levy

NIU's Northern Exposure
Lulay v. Lulay Paves the Way for Destroying the Visitation Rights of Grandparents in the State of Illinois By Matthew W. Jannusch

December 2000


Bob Thomas— A New Voice on the Illinois Supreme Court By G. Christopher Slick

EMTALA: Understanding Its Scope in Illinois By Nicole E. Eitmann

The Right to Counsel in Proceedings to Terminate Parental Rights By John Schmidt

The Law’s Atomic Bomb: Preliminary Injunctive Relief  By Aaron H. Reinke

Your Client Has Been Indicated For Child Abuse - Now What By Judy L. Hogan

The Role of the Attorney Client Privilege, The Work Product Doctrine, and the Fifth Amendment Privilege Against Self-Incrimination in Corporate Counsel’s Response to a Federal Grand Jury Subpoena By Aaron W. Rapier

NIU's Northern Exposure
The Ability of the Administrative Law Judge and the Human Rights Commission to Hear and Rule on Motions for a Directed Finding In Employment Discrimination Cases By Suzanne Svenson

November 2000

Suing States Under Federal Employment Discrimination Laws By Sharmila Roy

Post Sale Duty to Warn: The State of Illinois Law and the Third Restatement of Torts (Product Liability) By James P. Marsh and Alison J. Lezak

Case Summary: People v. Stacey By Thomas D. Arado

October 2000


Confessions of an Internet Tyro By Marti J. Sladek

Insurance Coverage: Not the Last Word on Tenders of Defense By Nick Alexander

Single Subject Rule Challenges: A Compendium By Stephen W. Baker

The Processing of a Potential Juror By Ellen J. Rindal

September 2000


Pegram v. Herdrich - The Supreme Court HMO Case While the Supreme Court Allowed the HMOs to Win a Battle, It May Have Set Them Up to Lose the War By Thomas L. Knight

Setting Child Support in Uncertain Situations By Joel D. Arnold

A Place to Send Your Indigent Child Support Cases By Anthony F. Mannina

Textbook Examples of Defenses to Title VII Employment Harassment Cases By Jeffrey A. Tullis

Phrases to Avoid: Unlearning Bad Habits By Raymond P. Ward

The DuPage County Court-Ordered Mediation Program: Four Year Review By Hon. Robert K. Kilander, Circuit Judge

DCBA Brief