The Journal of The DuPage County Bar Association

Vol. 12 (1999-2000)

June 2000


The Death Penalty in Illinois By John J. Kinsella

Redefining Rule 604(d) By Hon. Michael J. Burke

The Illinois Speedy Trial Statute: Interpretation and Validity By Gillum Ferguson

The DuPage Seven Case From My Perspective By Patrick A. Tuite

Recent Developments in DUI Law By Donald J. Ramsell

May 2000


Workers’ Compensation Review: Significant Cases for 1999 Term By Hon. Michael J. Colwell

Significant Amendment of the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act Should Alleviate Role Confusion for Guardians Ad Litem and Representatives of the Child By Aaron H. Reinke

Equity Maxims By Aaron H. Reinke

What is a Public Administrator? By Paul P. Didzerekis

There Is No Vindication In Litigation By Richard J. Kulerski

April 2000


Multidisciplinary Practice: The Debate Goes On By Mark J. McAndrew and Tamara L. Vergara

Limitations on the Petrillo Rule: Amendments to the Hospital Licensing Act By Richard A. Barrett, Jr. and Douglas S. Strohm

The E&O ABC’s (For Construction Lawyers and Those Who Handle The Occasional Construction Case) By Karen J. Dilibert

Legal Malpractice: Liability After Settlement By Thomas W. Dillon

March 2000


The Meaning of Justice By Hon. Anthony M. Peccarelli

Recent Legislation Affecting Family Law Cases 

Family Law Committee Case Law Update By Vincent C. Ruggiero

The Study of Custody and Visitation Mediation in Illinois By Carol A. Nolan

DuPage Court Approved Mediator List 

Primary Election 2000 - Meet the Judicial Candidates
Illinois Supreme Court, 2nd Judicial District

     Larry D. Drury
     Justice S. Louis Rathje 
     Justice Robert Thomas
     Hon. Bonnie M. Wheaton

Illinois Appellate Court, 2nd Judicial District

     Jack O’Malley 
     T. Patrick Rice

February 2000


The Effects of Bankruptcy on Community Association Assessments By Lester A. Ottenheimer III

"Multi-faceted Irrevocable Insurance Trusts" ("MIIT") A Multiple Use Tax Planning "Loophole" Technique By Richard A. Kuenster, LL.M.

What Every Lawyer Should Know About Today's Paralegal By Carrie J. Lausen

The Transactional Lawyer in the New Millennium: Facing Imminent Change By Peter J. Birnbaum

A Brief Survey of Lien Stripping and Modifications in Chapter 13 Plans By Hon. John H. Squires

January 2000


Ready For Revolution? By Henry H. Perritt, Jr.

Developments in Managed Care Liability By Michael B. Levy and Gregory W. Hoskins

Family Limited Partnerships Can Frustrate Creditors and Uncle Sam By Craig D. Hasenbalg

Mandatory Mediation in Joint Parenting Agreements: IRMO Duffy By Patrick J. Ahern, L.C.S.W.

Real Estate Taxes and Bankruptcy By Susan G. Castagnoli

December 1999


A Brief Survey of Lien Stripping and Modifications in Chapter 13 Plans By Hon. John H. Squires

Gambling Debts Discharged in Bankruptcy By Robert V. Schaller

Meet the New Trustee By Glenn Stearns

Discipline of Students with Disabilities By Bruce de’Medici

Bankruptcy Relief for Individuals By John Peter Devona

CASA of DuPage: A Child's Voice in Court By Kathleen Buchanan Bondi and Dr. Kathy Karsh

November 1999

ADA Update By Ronald J. Broida

Employer Beware: The Fair Credit Reporting Act Applies to Employee Misconduct Investigations By Mark J. McAndrew and Tamara L. Vergara

Tree Encroachments By Richard F. Bales

A Surviving Spouse Should be Able to Renounce an Inter Vivos Trust By Justin J. Karubas

Armed Violence By Stephen W. Baker and Paul Glaser

The Misplaced Chief Judge but not Forgotten! By Hon. Carey B. Pierce

October 1999


Jury Selection in a Civil Case: A Plaintiff's Perspective By Robert A. Clifford

Hot Tips for Jury Selection By Patricia F. Kuehn, J.D., M.A.

Juvenile Justice Reforms By Joseph E. Birkett

Maximizing Your Persuasiveness: Effective Computer Generated Exhibits By Patricia F. Kuehn, J.D., M.A.

Revitalizing  a Financially Distressed Client By James E. Rudnicki

Mandamus Actions in Illinois By Sharmila Roy

Title IX Damages Liability Extended in Student-on-Student Harassment By Steven M. Puiszis

Facts About Women & The Law By Dorothy F. French

September 1999


The Way It Was - History of the Eighteenth Judicial Circuit By Hon. William E. Black

History of the Chief Judges of the Eighteenth Judicial Circuit By Hon. Kenneth L. Popejoy

History of DuPage County's Courthouses By John Lapinski

Judicial Succession in the Eighteenth Judicial Circuit By Hon. Anthony Peccarelli

A Look at Prominent Leaders in DuPage County:
          Win Knoch By Alice Wood
          Eva Rose (Pollack) Glaser By Angela Imbierowicz
          Bert E. Rathje By Hon. William J. Bauer
          William Guild, Jr. By William Guild III
          Honorable William J. Bauer By James Bauer

All in the Family By Hon. Kenneth L. Popejoy

DCBA Brief