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All in the Family
By Hon. Kenneth L. Popejoy

In the course of this issue of the DuPage County Bar Association Brief, I have attempted to organize and in some areas write about the history of our Eighteenth Judicial Circuit, highlighting some of the people, places and events that are of significance to the development and growth of our Circuit. For those of us who have practiced law in this Circuit within the past 40 years, we truly all are one family. The nature of the practice of law and the facilities that we all utilize would not be what they are today nor would they have the quality that they have today without the rich history, heritage and personal involvement of so many attorneys and judges before us.

I felt it appropriate it to close this issue of the DCBA Brief with a listing of all people that I and others have been able to determine are true family relations who have engaged in the practice of the law over the last forty years in DuPage County. We sent notice to every member of the DuPage Bar Association requesting any input or information they had on their own family and others of which they were aware of. I have also spent a great deal of time talking with other judges and attorneys currently in the practice of law or since retired, for any input and recollections they may have. I’m sure that this list is incomplete and that people and/or relationships have been missed... We have done the best we could with the input that was received.

Sometimes in the hectic practice of law where overhead and paper become so burdensome we forget about the real reasons that each of us had for becoming a lawyer. Those of us who are related to other lawyers shared in the dreams and aspirations of our relatives, their quest to serve the public and to support and perpetuate the principles of quality and ethics in our profession.

We are all members of a wonderful "family", but as members of a family we must all remember that each of our own individual reflections are a reflection on the "family" as a whole. The Eighteenth Judicial Circuit provides a wonderful place for us to exhibit our talents and display our ethics, in a manner that makes the "family" proud!

- A -

Alexander Allison, Rinda Allison & Matt Allison, Husband, Wife and Son

Judge Robert Anderson & Irene F. Bahr, Husband and Wife

Tim Armstrong & Suzanne Armstrong, Husband and Wife

Judge William C. Atten & James Atten, Father and Son

George Andrews & Paul Andrews, Brothers


- B -

A. F. Bates, Sr. & A. F. Bates, Jr., Father and Son

Judge William J. Bauer & James G. Bauer, Brothers

Joseph Beck & Robert Beck, Brothers

Judge William E. Black, & Melissa Black, Father and Daughter

Aldo E. Botti & Stephen R. Botti, Uncle and Nephew

Gerald Brooks & Michelle Brooks, Father and Daughter

Joseph Bugos & Kevin Bugos, Brothers

Gustav H. Bunge, Judge George H. Bunge & Gordon C. Bunge,

Alexander Burek & John Burek, Father and Son

- C -

Judge Thomas E. Callum & Maryann Callum, Husband and Wife

John Caluwaert & Kristen Caluwaert, Father and Daughter

Dianne Carroll, Charles F. Carroll & John Paul Carroll, Sister and Brothers

Dan Carter & Doris Carter, Husband and Wife

Neil Cerne & Wence F. Cerne, Son and Father

Gates Clancy & Wendell Clancy, Father and Son; Timothy Clancy, Michael Clancy, & Susan Boles, Children and Grandchildren; Charley Popejoy, & Judge Kenneth L. Popejoy, Brother-in-law and Nephew of Gates

Warren Crabill & Mary Jane Crabill, Husband and Wife

John Lewis Craft & Donna Craft Cain, Father and Daughter

Judge Stephen Culliton & Ellen Champaign, Husband and Wife

Thomas J. Cunningham & William F. Cunningham, Brothers

- D -

Mark W. Damisch, John W. Damisch & Mark W. Damisch, Father, Son and Grandson

Lee Daniels, Albert L. Daniels, & State Rep. Lee Daniels, Father, Son and Grandson

Judge John W. Darrah & Jackie Darrah, Father and Daughter

Mauro DeFalco & Marcelline DeFalco, Father and Daughter

John Demling, Eleanor Demling & Judge John Demling, Husband, Wife and Son

Paul Didzerekis & Judge Loretta C. Douglas, Brother and Sister

Stephen Deitsch & Barbara Priner, Husband and Wife

Dominick Dolci & Phil Dolci, Father and Son

Robert Downs & Barbara Downs, Husband and Wife

Bart Durham & Jayne Durham, Husband and Wife

- E -

Michael Edgerton & Patrick Edgerton, Father and Son

Judge Phillip Equi & Judge Rodney Equi, Second Cousins

- F -

Harris Fawell & Judge Bruce Fawell, Brothers; Terry Fawell, Bruce’s Wife; Jeffrey Fawell & Thomas Fawell, Bruce’s Son and Nephew; Blanche Fawell, Jeff’s Wife & Suzanne Armstrong, Blanche’s Sister

Joseph Fortunato & Linda E. Davenport , Husband and Wife

Thomas W. Freeman & Janice W. Freeman, Husband and Wife

Richard G. French & Dorothy French, Father and Daughter, Richard Mallen, Dorothy’s Husband

- G -

Ralph Gabric & Ross Gabric, Father and Son

Justice Michael R. Galasso & Judge Nicholas Galasso, Uncle and Nephew

Dale Getty & Kathleen Getty, Husband and Wife

David E. Grochocinski & Mark S. Grochocinski, Brothers

Leroy Grotto & John Grotto, Father and Son

Patricia Gruber & Priscilla Gruber, Mother and Daughter

Judge William L. Guild & William L. Guild III, Father and Son

- H -

Judge Carl F. Henninger & Jodi Henninger, Father and Daughter

Judge William V. Hopf & William Scott, Uncle and Nephew

Jim Huck & Kevin Huck, Brothers

- J -

J. J. Jaros, Sr., J. J. Jaros, Jr., & R. G. Jaros, Father and Sons

- K -

Kathleen Kenny, Michael Kenny & Thomas Kenny, Sister and Brothers

Judge Helen C. Kinney & Lester Kinney, Wife and Husband

Judge Win Knoch, Alice Wood & Win Wehrli, Grandfather and Grandchildren

- L -

Richard Lanciloti & Richard Lanciloti, Father and Son

David Laz & Tom Laz, Brothers

Judge Patrick J. Leston & Kristine Leston, Husband and Wife

Harold Levine & Samuel Levin, Father and son (?)

Daniel Lifka & Deborah Lifka, Husband and Wife

Martin B. Lowery & Rita Lowery Gitchell, Father and Daughter

Judge Richard Lucas & Scott Lucas, Father and Son

- M -

Gerald Mangan, Robert Mangan & John Mangan, Brothers

Tony Mankus and Margarita Marchan-Mankus, Husband and Wife

Anthony Mannina & Elmer Mannina, Cousins

John McCluskey & James McCluskey, Cousins

William J. McGrath, Jr.,William J. McGrath, III & Robert L. McGrath, Father and Sons

Brian R. McKillip & Rosemary Byrne, First Cousins

Paul A. McLennon, Sr., & Leo F. McLennon, Brothers; Paul A. McLennon, Jr., Thomas P. McLennon, Mark McLennon, Paul’s Sons, and Mary J. Malnar, Paul’s Daughter

Joseph Mirabella, Sr., Joseph Mirabella, Jr. & Lynn Mirabella, Father, Son and Granddaughter

Judge Kenneth Moy & Patricia Moy, Husband and Wife

E. S. Mraz, Bryan Mraz, Edward Mraz & Laurence Mraz, Father and Sons

Terence Mullen & Thomas Mullen, Brothers

Lester Munson, Sr., Lester Munson, Jr., Father and Son; Judith Munson, Lester’s Wife

- N -

Stanley Niew & Kathleen Niew, Husband and Wife

Ronald Nosek & Aaron Nosek, Father and Son

- O -

Roger O’Reilly, Molly O’Reilly, Kevin O’Reilly & John O’Reilly, Father, Daughter and Sons- P -

Judge J. Sam Perry & John T. Perry, Father and Son

Judge Cary B. Pierce & Craig Pierce, Brothers

Charley Popejoy & Judge Kenneth Popejoy, Father and Son; Wendell Clancy, Nephew and Cousin

Judge Maryellen Provenzale & Patrick Provenzale, Mother and Son

- R -

S. L. Rathje, Judge Bert Rathje, William Rathje & Justice S. Louis Rathje, Father, Sons and Grandson

Keith E. Roberts & Chuck Roberts, Father and Son

C. H. Rolewick & David Rolewick, Brothers

John Roscich & Carolyn Roscich, Husband and Wife

Vincent Ruggerio & Joseph Ruggerio, Brothers; Eva Tameling, Vincent’s Wife

Atty. General James E. Ryan, James M. Ryan & Heather Ryan, Father, Son and Daughter-in-law

- S -

Mary Joan Sakach & Laura Sakach Gambla, Mother and Daughter

Glenn Schillerstrom, Robert Schillerstrom & Mary Beth O’Connor, Father, Son and Daughter-in-law

Mark Schmidt & Janelle Barbrow, Husband and Wife

Robert J. Scott & William J. Scott, Father and Son

Judge Elizabeth W. Sexton & Michael Frederic Sexton, Wife and Husband

Judge Terence M. Sheen & Scott Sheen, Brothers

Justice W. Shepro & Kenneth C. Shepro, Father and Son

Junie Sinson & Scott Sinson, Father and Son

Vincent A. Solano, Jr. & Vincent E. Solano, Father and Son

James Sotos & George Sotos, Brothers; Sally Sotos, George’s Wife; Edward D. Hanson, Sally’s Father

Raymond W. Stauber, Sr., Raymond W. Stauber, Jr. & Mark Stauber, Father and Sons

Hartman Stime & Steven Stime, Father and Son

- T -

Eva Tameling & Gretta Tameling, Sisters-in-Law

Brad Telander and Brian Telander, Brothers

Ralph Tellefsen & Charmaine Tellefsen, Brother and Sister

Judge John Teschner & Elaine Nyquist, Husband and Wife

Edgar H. Thoma & George W. Thoma, Brothers

Edward N. Tiesenga & Beverly J. Tiesenga, Husband and Wife

- W -

Daniel Walker, Jr. & Kathleen Vaught, Brother and Sister

Frank Wesolowski & Frank Wesolowski, Jr., Father and Son

Donald F. Westra & John J. Westra, Father and Son

Frances White & Mark White, Mother and (son) and Wife, Karen A. White, William F. White (son) and Wife, Karen R. Kobialka, and Frances’ daughter, Kathleen A. Rheintgen,

Frank Wiedner & Paul Wiedner, Father and Son

Ervin F. Wilson & Thomas Wilson, Father and Son

Cresy Woehrel & Marilyn D. Woehrel, Father and Daughter

Nancy Wolfe & Carole Doris, Sisters

Peter Wonais & William Wonais, Brothers

John S. Woodward & Judge Alfred E. Woodward, Brothers; John S. Woodward, Jr., John’s Son

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