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Larry D. Drury, J.D.
Candidate for Illinois Supreme Court, 2nd Judicial District

I am a candidate for the Illinois Supreme Court, Second Judicial District, because after thirty years of being a litigator, criminal defense counsel or class action counsel for consumers, taxpayers and the people of Illinois and throughout the United States before the bench, it is time to bring fresh eyes and a new perspective behind the bench. If the electorate feels comfortable with me as a just and independent Illinois Supreme Court Justice, I welcome their vote.

I have litigated as class action counsel against Intel, Microsoft, America On Line, Commonwealth Edison, City of Chicago, County of Lake, The Circuit Court of Cook County, Cook County Sheriff’s Office, Lake County Assessor, Clerk of the Circuit Court of Lake County, Illinois, Chicago Medical School, LaSalle Bank, Continental Bank, Irving Bank & Trust, Ameritech, Sonic Communications, Ford Motor Co., General Motors and Arista Records (Milli Vanilli), et al. on a state or nation wide class basis since 1976. I am usually lead counsel or class counsel in the litigation, and am currently one of the lead counsel in the Commonwealth Edison power outage cases as I was in America On Line and In Re Sonic Communications, which was one of the first nation wide telephone "slamming" class actions. Steinberg vs. Chicago Medical School, 69 Ill.2d 320, 41 Ill.App.3d 804, was one of the first cases under the class action statute and is still a leading case in Illinois on contracts and admission practices of educational institutions.

I have considerable criminal trial defense experience and, as a part thereof, have advocated the protection of an individual’s constitutional rights at the trial and appellate level. Additionally, as part of my civil and criminal practice, I have briefed and argued over 40 appeals including appeals in the Illinois Supreme Court where Steinberg, supra, was argued. The Chicago Flood Litigation was argued in the U.S. Supreme Court where, I was co-class counsel, but did not argue the case.

Over the years, I have also been a Level I and II hearing officer with the Illinois State Board of Education, Special Education and Teacher Dismissal. I enjoyed the position as it allowed me to adjudicate issues concerning children, young adults and those who devote their lives to education.

I feel that I will represent an independent and equal voice for all.

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