The Journal of The DuPage County Bar Association

Vol. 11 (1998-1999)

June 1999


A Nation Under Lawyers By Mary Ann Glendon

The Lost Lawyer By Anthony T. Kronman

The Betrayed Profession By Sol M. Linowitz with Martin Mayer

Auditing Attorneys' Bills: Legal and Ethical Pitfalls of a Growing Trend By Claire Hamner Matturo

Some Doctors See Unions as Antidote to Managed Care By Dan Culloton

A Review of N.I.T.A's Book Illinois Evidence With Objections By Honorable John W. Darrah

May 1999


Federal Income Taxes in Bankruptcy By John B. Truskowski

Family Law Attorneys Can Prevent Fees From Being Discharged in Bankruptcy By Robert V. Schaller

Trustee Sells Home - No Tax Paid  By Brenda Porter Helms

Creditors Remedies for Serial Bankruptcy Filings By Barbara S. Boiko and Michael H. Walsh

The Debate Over Legislative Intent: Lien Language in Chapter 13 Plans By Amy A. Aronson and Terri M. Long

Ellerth and Faragher: The Second Generation of Sexual Harassment Law By Camille N. Khodadad

Military Leave and Veterans' Reemployment Rights By Deborah F. Birndorf

A Single Discriminatory Incident May Be Sufficient to State a Hostile Environment Claim Under Title VII  By Paul M. Weltlich

April 1999


Determining Decisional Capacity and the Need for Adult Guardianship By Rebecca J. O’Neill

The Use of Alaska and Delaware Trusts for Asset Protection and Wealth  Transfer Planning By Susan Reedy Williams

Dynasty Trusts: Multi-Generational Planning By Mark D. Perkins and Dean Zayed

Estate Planning Practice Do's and Don'ts By David F. Rolewick

Social Security Disability Claims: A Primer By Harold W. Conick

Nursing Home Issues By Constance Burnett Renzi

Professional Care Managers: A New Concept in Elder Care By Shay Jacobson and Martha Kern

Dissecting Doyle: The Limitations on Modifications of Employee Handbooks By Robert W. Trevarthen and Shawn P. Flaherty

Is There a "Lawyer Exception" For Change? By Kevin J. Cooney

March 1999


The New Illinois Right of Publicity Act By Stephen P. Trimper

What is the Worth of Your Commercially Stolen Identity By Michael J. Polelle

Evaluating Excessive Punitive Damages: Is BMW the Driving Force in Illinois? By Gregory W. Hoskins

Rule 213 and the Duty to Disclose: Appellate Courts Are Taking Rule 213 (f) and (g) Seriously By Thomas W. Dillon

Evidence Concerning the "Same Part of the Body" By James P. Marsh

The New Local Rules Concerning DUI Service Providers and Evaluators  By Honorable Perry R. Thompson
Presiding Judge, Misdemeanor/Traffic Division

February 1999


Trends in Domestic Violence By Honorable Jane Hird Mitton

On-the-Spot Mediation and Supervised Visitation: A Pilot Project Comes to Courtroom 2003 By Honorable Thomas C. Dudgeon

Contempt of Court By Honorable Kenneth L. Popejoy

When is Contempt of Court Appealable? By Cynthia L. Alexander

Divorce: Discharging Debts in Bankruptcy By Robert V. Schaller

Child Support and Business Expenses: Revising Section 505 By Vincent C. Ruggiero

1998 Family Law Cases  By Vincent C. Ruggiero

January 1999


Worker's Compensation Review 1998 Term Cases of Significance to Local Practitioners By Honorable Michael J. Colwell

The Secret of a Solid Appeal By Honorable Susan Fayette Hutchinson

Interlocutory Appeals & Stays of Trial Court Proceedings: The Need for Clarification in Supreme Court Rule 307 By Honorable Robert D. McLaren

Appellate Standards of Review: What is Reversible Error? By Honorable William E. Holdridge

A Plain Error Analysis By Honorable Thomas J. Homer

Practice Under the Illinois Post-Conviction Hearing Acts By Michael B. Levy

A Former Clerk's Comments  By Dmitry S. Feofanov

December 1998


U.S. Supreme Court - 1997 Term Cases of Significance to Local Practitioners By Leonard B. Mandell

The Constitutionality of the Death Penalty - The Illinois Supreme Court's Decision in People v. Bull

Realtor/Lender Controlled Business: Do We Fight or Surrender? By Peter J. Birnbaum

The Impeachment Trial of President Andrew Johnson By Senator John F. Kennedy

The Meaning of Courage By Senator John F. Kennedy

Republicans, Democrats and Public Theology By Diana Butler Bass

November 1998


A Primer on the Amended Illinois Limited Liability Company Act By William A. Price

Remedies for Illinois Businesses When a Former Employee Competes By Richard J. Nogal, Joelle T. Marasco and Elizabeth J. Boddy

IRS Collection Actions Under the Taxpayer Relief Acts I and II By Tony Mankus

Harding and the Scandals By Frederick Lewis Allen

The Once and Future Lawyer By Donna E. Renn

September 1998


Mediation as a Subversive Activity By Robert D. Benjamin

Styles of Mediation: Facilitative, Evaluative, and Transformative Mediation By Zena D. Zumeta

Arbitration of Employment Discrimination Claims By Suzanne J. Schmitz

The New Supreme Court Standards In Sexual Harassment Cases By Shawn M. Collins and Charles J. Corrigan

Churches, Ministers and Political Involvement By John C. Voorn

Why I’m Glad I Had Cancer By Steven L. Harmon, President, Riverside County, California, Bar Association

DCBA Brief