The Journal of The DuPage County Bar Association

Vol. 10 (1997-1998)

August 1998


An Overview of Ethics in ADR

Caveat Mediator: Ethical Quandaries for Illinois Attorney Mediators

Defining the Ethical Limits of Acceptable Deception in Mediation

"Consensual" Searches and Seizures: Did "Yes" Really Mean "Yes"

The Misdirected Search for Malpractice Solutions

Republicans, Democrats and Public Theology

July 1998


Federalist Papers by James Madison

Federalist Number 10

Federalist Number 37

Federalist Number 47

Federalist Number 48

Federalist Number 51

Federalist Number 78

June 1998


The Role of the Chapter 13 Trustee By O. Anthony Olivadoti

Filing Proofs of Claim in Bankruptcy By Michael J. Davis

Advising Clients About Credit Card Debt By Robert V. Schaller

Representing Creditors in Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy By John J. Grieger, Jr.

Bankruptcy and Personal Injury Cases By Brenda Porter Helms

Liens Affecting Real Estate: A Checklist By Richard F. Bales

Open With a Great Drive, Close With a Birdie! By James E. Hundman

April 1998


Artificial Insemination and Inheritance By Helene S. Shapo

1998 Amendments to the Health Care Surrogate Act By Rebecca J. O’Neill and John F. Erbes

Using a Disclaimer Strategy When Naming the Beneficiary of Retirement Plans By Mark D. Perkins and Dean Zayed

An Update On Advanced Estate Planning By Patrick J. Crotty

Undue Influence in Illinois Estates By Robert E. Jones

The New Roth IRA By Joel D. Arnold

When Was the Last Time You Flew ... Pheww? By Honorable Eugene A. Wojcik

March 1998


Worker's Compensation Review 1997 Term Cases of Significance By Honorable Michael J. Colwell

The Disciplinary Process of the A.R.D.C. By Mary Robinson

A.R.D.C. Investigations: A Case Study By Mary Robinson, Althea Kuller, and William J. Martin

Look Before You Leap: Researching Ethics Questions By Mary F. Andreoni

Attorney Liens and the A.R.D.C. By Renee L. Robinson

Attorney Substance Abuse Impairment and Discipline in Illinois By David F. Rolewick

Standing Erie on its Head: Should Federal Law Govern Pleading Standards for Section 1983 Civil Rights Claims Brought in the State Courts of Illinois By Timothy S. Rigsbee

February 1998


U.S. Supreme Court - 1996 Term Cases of Significance to Local Practitioners By Leonard B. Mandell

Illinois Supreme Court -1997 Term The Court Flexes its Muscle By Timothy Eaton

Standing Erie on its Head: Should Federal Law Govern Pleading Standards for Section 1983 Civil Rights Claims Brought in the State Courts of Illinois By Timothy S. Rigsbee

Employment Contracts Quiz By Christine Godsil Cooper

The New Local Mediation & Evaluation Program: Mediation Quality Assurance Issues Raised By James J. Alfini and Martha Norman

Alfred E. Woodward - A Life in the Law By Honorable S. Louis Rathje

January 1998


Balancing the Emotional Needs of a Child and the Due Process Rights of a Defendant in Sexual Abuse Cases By Honorable John J. Bowman

Criminal Trial Case Study.The Trial Of: (1) A Violent Crime (2) A D.U.I. (3) A Financial Crime By Honorable Ann B. Jorgensen, Neil J. Levine, Harry Smith, John Paul Carroll, Donald J. Ramsell, Michelle L. Moore, Peter G. Baroni, Joseph L. Solon, Jr., Thomas F. Sullivan, Jr., and Neal Thompson

Probation Isn’t Just Probation Anymore: The Specialized Probation Programs By Honorable Ann B. Jorgensen

J.U.S.T. Time Spent in the County Jail By Honorable Ann B. Jorgensen

Criminal Case Voir Dire By Stephen W. Baker

November 1997


P.A. 90-18 Changes to Income Withholding Orders By Honorable Thomas C. Dudgeon

The Appointment and Role of an Attorney for the Child in Parentage Cases By Eva W. Tameling

Do Divorced Parents Have Superior Rights to Their Children? By Neal W. Cerne

Educating Families About the Process and Effects of Divorce By Brigid A. Duffield

What Family Law Practitioners Need to Know About the Tax Relief Act of 1997 By Joel D. Arnold

A Primer on Mediation in DuPage County By Rita Lowery Gitchell and Andrew Plattner

Mandatory Matrimonial Fee Arbitration: A Blessing in Disguise By Margaret A. Bennett

October 1997


Reflections on Law and Justice By Honorable Anthony M. Peccarelli

Medical Negligence: Last Chance of Survival By Ralph R. Hruby

Damages: Apportionment Among Joint Tortfeasors By Alan J. Brinkmeier

Premises Liability: What is the Duty of Care? By Carl F. Schroeder

Petrillo Releases: Unconstitutional Invasion of Privacy? By Jonathan S. Gunn and Thomas H. Ryerson

Parent-Child Immunity and Other "Family" Tort Issues By Brian J. Diamond

Non-Traditional Settlement Agreements in Multi-Defendant Tort Litigation By Larry A. Mancini

DCBA Brief