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January 2019 Articles:

Objection Hearsay! Eliminating Confusion on Business Records Admissibility By Christopher DiPlacido

The Diminishment of the 4th Amendment While Driving: Stops And Seizures Based On Criminal Activity,*Noncriminal Civil Traffic Violations Also Included  By Gran McKerlie

International Child Relocations From Illinois By Jeffrey A. Parness



December 2018 Articles:

Emerging Trends  in Freight Broker Liability in Catastrophic Trucking Accidents By Justin J. Kaszuba

Bankruptcy Claims - Actori incumbit onus probatio -
Know Your Deadlines and File Those Claims!
 By Arthur W. Rummler

Hazing Law Reform: The Search for Stronger Hazing Laws By Erin Fine



November 2018 Articles:

And They Call It Puppy Love: Pet Custody in Illinois By Laura Baldwin and Sean McCumber

Understanding the Requirements for the Admission of Lay Opinion Identification Testimony: Examining the Illinois Supreme Court Opinion of People v. Thompson  By Thomas Kantas

A Restriction Too Far: The Evolving Law on Non-Compete Agreements in Illinois By Christopher Hennessy and Jeremy Glenn


October 2018 Articles:

Duty to Disclose - An Unresolved Issue of Illinois Law By Dmitry N. Feofanov

New Implications For Attorney Title Agents By Kaitlyn E. Chiappetta

South Dakota v. Wayfair - Supreme Court Ruling Changes a 26 Year Old Law and Impacts Businesses By Meaghan Wingbermuehle



September 2018 Articles:

House Bill 4113: Will “Splitting The Baby” Ensure Equality Between Separated Parents And If So, At What Cost? By Elizabeth Demonte Cervone and Emily C. Bitzer

Caveat Solicitor: Considerations for Ethical Online Attorney Business Development By Jordan M. Sartell

Illinois State Bar Association v. Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, et al., 2017 CH 9418, Circuit Court of Cook County By Terry Benshoof




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