Judge Anne Therieau Hayes

(From the November 2015 Issue)

In February 2015, the Circuit Judges of the Eighteenth Judicial Circuit appointed Anne Therieau Hayes to the position of Associate Judge. She currently presides over the Glendale Heights Field Court, hearing traffic matters, ordinance violations, and petty offenses. Therieau Hayes’ journey to the bench began at the University of Notre Dame, where she studied economics. Upon graduating, she began a career as a business consultant with Andersen Consulting. She spent six years in the Oil & Gas Section, consulting for such companies as British Petroleum, Amoco, Rhodia, and Atlantic Richfield and eventually worked her way up to the manager level. Travel took some toll on Therieau Hayes, as she traveled throughout Illinois, Texas, California, and New Jersey. During this time, Andersen Consulting faced some internal challenges and offered some of the employees and managers a compensation and restructuring offer. Therieau Hayes had always wanted to go to law school, so when this opportunity presented itself, she set off to attend Loyola University of Chicago Law School. She notes, “I valued a strong work ethic. I was raised by a single mom, so I learned my work ethic from her example.”

During her time at Andersen Consulting, Therieau Hayes served a CASA volunteer in Cook County. So it came as no surprise when, during her summer after the first year of law school, she interned for the New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. In her second summer, she joined the summer associate program at Vedder Price, a large commercial law firm in Chicago, where she continued to work for almost two years in commercial litigation.

When asked how she came to work for the DuPage State’s Attorney’s Office, she says, “I wanted to spend my time in the courtroom; I wanted that experience.” After she was hired, she began in the traffic division and worked her way up to misdemeanors then felonies. She transferred to the sex crimes/domestic violence unit and later went to felony screening. Therieau Hayes spent a short time in the juvenile division, where she worked until her judicial appointment. In discussing her experiences in the State’s Attorney’s Office, she comments, “Every day was different and I had the chance to try a variety of cases.” About the attorneys she has encountered, “I draw new experiences and skills from the attorneys with whom I have worked, from the newer attorneys with one year under their belts to the 30-year veterans. These are things I have taken with me to the bench.”

The desire to become a judge was strongly tied to her early desires for courtroom experience. Therieau Hayes enjoys the interactions with the public and wants to ensure that they feel the system of justice is fair and open. In explaining how she hopes to accomplish this, she states, “The litigants need to see that everyone receives equal treatment, regardless of whether they have an attorney, as well as the fact that people truly just want a chance for their side to be heard.” Her courtroom runs with efficiency, but there is certainly no feeling that every case is only allotted a certain number of minutes before the wheels of justice crank forward. Therieau Hayes offers this advice to new lawyers, both in and out of her courtroom, “Obtain as much experience as you can, whether it comes from writing motions, covering hearings, or preparing cases for trials, just seek out those opportunities.” Her candor with others and her personal demeanor is one of openness and quiet kindness. Even when asked how she would improve the judiciary, she remained open and simply stated that she will ponder that question as she gains more experience on the bench.