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Bored During the Pandemic?  
Write an Article for the DCBA Brief

By Dexter J. Evans


I am not sure about everyone else, but I have found myself with plenty of work to do during the pandemic. Initially, I had my concerns when I considered how much of my days spent prior to the shutdown were consumed with travel to and from court or depositions. Fortunately, that has not been the case. I have been busy. I hope that others have had a similar experience with their respective practices. 

If you do find yourself with some downtime, consider writing an article for the DCBA Brief. In a recent e-blast to the DCBA Membership, I tried my best to beg for articles. We are in desperate need of articles as there is a plethora of uncertainty surrounding what events, if any, we will be able to attend during the fall, winter, or even next spring. Also, quite frankly, the pandemic aside, we have been in desperate need of articles for several years period. It is also nice to see different names than the usual suspects writing articles time and again, although we, of course, appreciate those authors for their hard work and contributions.

Are we looking to just throw anything into the Brief? Of course not. As always, we are searching for scholarly written articles on topics that our membership is interested in. I know all of you have it in you to submit one. If the amount of time you have is a concern, fear not. The guidelines ask for the article to be 6-8 pages double-spaced. That is 3-4 pages single-spaced for the mathematical conversion-challenged amongst us. 

In speaking with a lot of attorneys, many unfortunately do have a lot of downtime because of a slowdown in their practices due to COVID-19. When life hands you a rotten apple, try and make bitter apple spray. Now you know why my amateur career in comedy failed. All kidding aside, if you do find yourself with some extra time during the week or on a weekend, particularly in the fall and winter when we will be stuck indoors anyhow, why not write an article for the Brief?

What are the benefits you ask? There are many. First, as a member of the DCBA, you show that you are an active member that has a legitimate interest in seeing the DCBA continue to progress and be a leader amongst all bar associations. Looking for other attorneys to refer cases to you? What better way than to reveal your knowledge and skill penning an article on an area of law or topic that other attorneys get inquiries about on a regular basis? CLE credit? Oh yes, there is that too. You can claim up to half of your CLE credit for a reporting period based on the amount of time you spent researching and writing your article. Best of all? You make my job much, much easier. 

That last one was a joke…well kind of. All kidding aside, the DCBA needs you, other attorneys who lack your knowledge of different areas of the law need you, and the Brief needs you. In a unique year where many of us have come together to work together and be stronger together, consider writing just one article if that is all you have time for. Your efforts will be appreciated by all. You will also have my undying gratitude which is priceless. 

A little bonus since this is the Halloween issue…my top 5 scary movies to watch on Halloween. 5. The Ring 4. Paranormal Activity 3. The Shining 2. Friday the 13th. Drum roll please…1. Of course, Halloween (you have to watch 1 and 2 together).

Thank you to Carl A. Miller, Marie Sarantakis and Victoria Kelly and Leah Setzen for their article submissions in this issue. Also, thank you to Jordan Sartell for his hard work as Articles Editor as well as Hilary Wild for her work as Case Law editor. Thank you once again to Jacki Hamler for keeping everyone on track and just making life easier on all of us. 

Have a safe and Happy Halloween everyone! Peace. 


Dexter J. Evans is an equity partner at Woodruff Johnson & Evans where he focuses his practice on personal injury litigation. Dexter is the Editor-in-Chief of the DCBA Brief and an active member of the DuPage County Bar Association. He is a member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum. He earned his J.D. from Northern Illinois College of Law where he graduated magna cum laude in 2005. 


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