The Journal of The DuPage County Bar Association

 February 2018 Articles:

The Illinois Collaborative Process Act: A Positive Alternative to Litigation for Family Disputes By Rachel Hernandez

Fiduciary Investing: Seek Prudence, Not Performance By William Hardesty

DCFS:How to Navigate the System By Melissa Kuffel

An Overview of the History of General Contractor Liability and Evaluation of Current Trends Andrea Kmak


January 2018 Articles:

The Americans with Disabilities Act’s Limitations: Not A Tool for the Brazen By Brian M. Dougherty

Identity Theft That Causes a False Criminal Record: How to Assist Clients that are Victims of Criminal Identity Theft By Michael W. Fuller

The Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act: An Analysis of Its Broad Application By Anne M. Skrodzki

Eliminating the Statutes of Limitations for all Sexual Assault Crimes By Alex Yorko

Negotiation Lessons From the Wayback Machine By Judge Michael Panter

December 2017 Articles:

Tilting at Windmills: Foundation for a Constitutional Challenge Against a Criminal Statute By Wayne Brucar

An Employer’s Guide to Copyright Law’s Work for Hire Doctrine By Andrew Murphy

Member and Manager Authority After the 2017 Illinois Limited Liability Company Act and its Effect On Real Estate TransactionsBy Ken Clingen and Tom Sisul

The Battle Over Rule 23: Authority v. Precedent By Paul E. Wojcicki, Sara R. Strom, Jaime L. Padgett, and Patrick F. Sullivan

November 2017 Articles:

Lessons for the Employer From the Illinois Wage Payment and Collection Act By Lauryn E. Parks

Zoning Litigation in DuPage County By Daniel S. Porter

Copyright Infringement: Recovery of Actual Damages By Patrick Boland

Completed Staff Work Doctrine By James F. McCluskey



October 2017 Articles:

Dispelling the Myths Surrounding Social Security By Jon Walker

Executors Rejoice – IRS Implements a Simplified Method to Obtain Extension of Time to Make the Portability Election By Ryan M. Holmes and Mallory A. Kallabat

Supreme Court Review - Editors Azam Nizamuddin, John Pcolinski, Tim Klein

Non-Compete Agreements In Illinois: What You Need To KnowBy Daniel R. Bryer


September 2017 Articles:

Piracy & Punishment - An Appreciation of Hugo Grotius By Edward N. Tiesenga and Ryan Haught

Supreme Court Rule 224-Discovering the Identity of an Anonymous Internet Poster By Christine Olson McTigue

Key Points of the Revised Illinois Limited Liability Company Act By Gregory M. White

Income Shares is Here: Now What? Implementation Issues and Some Possible Solutions By Nancy Chausow Shafer