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Regular Features

The DCBA Brief includes regular features, articles and interviews which are compiled each month by the Brief's Publication Board from a host of authors, photographers and other contributors who volunteer their time and energy.  The goal is to ensure the publication of a magazine that provides current and detailed information about the association, the DuPage County legal community, and developments in the law itself.   So, the editors of the Brief seek to include material from a wide array of sources.   Lawyers, paralegals, DCBA members and non-members are all welcome to contribute.   Material published in the Brief, as a general rule, falls into one of the following categories:

  • Lead Articles.  In order to qualify for publication in the Brief, most articles must qualify as "lead articles" -- articles suitable for publication in a law journal format, with emphasis on trends or changes in existing law.   Lead articles are intended to provide the reader with an understanding of the law applicable to the particular topic of the piece and must thus include citations to relevant authority, case studies (when appropriate) and analysis.  Authors interested in submitting articles for consideration in this category should consult the Submission Guidelines and contact a member of the Publication Board to ensure the assignment of an editor. 
  • Judicial Interviews and Roundtables.  Interviews and roundtable discussions with local judges appear in most editions of the Brief and are generally developed for publication by authors with some prior experience with the Brief.  If you have an interest in doing a judicial profile for the Brief, accordingly, we ask that you please contact the Publication Board prior to submission.  Space is limited and the publication schedule for judicial profiles is usually booked months in advance. 
  • News.  This is a regular column which provides DCBA Brief readers with a quick overview of the upcoming DCBA events, member milestones, etc. A regular editor is assigned to this column, but contributors are always welcome.
  • Features.  This section includes regular columns from Legal Aid, and ISBA update and Judicial or other member profiles, as well as hot topics of the day.
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