The Journal of The DuPage County Bar Association

Vol. 29 (2016-17)

February 2017


Preserving the Integrity of Marriage: Putative Spousal Status in Illinois By Elizabeth (Lisa) Demonte

An Overview of the Current Meaning of “Income for Child Support Purposes” By Andrea L. Kmak

Beyond the Motion to Strike: Defending Against and Defeating a Notice of Intent to Claim Dissipation By Megan C. Harris


January 2017


Business-Based Immigration: Visa Options for Employing Foreign Talent By Edyta Salata and Mary Field

Citizen Ballot Initiatives to Amend the Illinois Constitution By Suzanne M. Fitch

“I Can’t Tell You” – Privilege, Confi dentiality, And The Compulsion of Testimony From the Transactional Lawyer By Mark T. Schmidt


December 2016


The Decriminalization of Cannabis and How it Affects Criminal Practice By Christopher Holland

Marital Portion Calculation in Retirement Plans By Dorothy A. Voigt

Baby Boomers, the Age Wave, and Commoditization of the Practice of Law: How to Survive the Storm By Ben Neiburger

Court Affirms that “Disability Harassment” Constitutes Unlawful Discrimination: A Confirmation that Certain Truths are Self-Evident By Glenn R. Gaffney and Jolianne S. Walters


November 2016


Estate Planning for the International Family By Ian Holzhauer

Stand By Me: When May Shareholders and Creditors Bring Claims on a Corporation’s Behalf By Peter J. Evans

School Discipline Reform in Illinois: Creating Policies to Reduce the Use of Suspension and Expulsion By Cassandra Black


October 2016


Motions for Summary Affirmance in the Seventh Circuit By Ronald D. Menna, Jr.

Post Loss Assignment Of Insurance Claims: A Misunderstood Practice Gaining Traction In Illinois By Daniel C. Fabbri

If the (International) Shoe Fits – Jurisdiction Issues in Family Law Cases By Christine Olson McTigue


September 2016


Being Locked Up Does Not Mean Being Locked Out From Medical Care By Glenn R. Gaffney and Jolianne S. Walters

The Process For Perfecting & Litigating The Uninsured Or Underinsured Motorist Claim By Dexter J. Evans

Illinois Good Samaritan Act, Not a Protection For Employers and Their Employees Who Provide Assistance as Part of Their Employment By Edward R. Sherman

DCBA Brief