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Membership and Your Home Team Advantage
By Gerald Cassioppi

Serving as DCBA President provides a heightened awareness as to what other bar associations and leaders are thinking and doing. As ISBA President, Russell Hartigan highlighted in the August edition of the Illinois Bar Journal, while lawyers and judges face challenges and frustrations, the law is still a noble profession. I agree, despite over 400,000 hits when “lawyer jokes” is Googled.

Seriously, those seeking a career in law do so for extremely varied reasons, but almost always in their top ten are the opportunity to help others and the intellectual challenge. Though an individual will find his or her own path, key personal decisions are made by all lawyers, perhaps several times over the course of a legal career. Chief among these decisions are the specific area of work in which to practice and the size of the law firm in which to work.

These choices create a very diverse profession, and the DCBA works to service the full range of attorney practices and law firm sizes. For those seeking to have as much control as possible, starting a solo practice can often be the best approach. Thus, it is not surprising that sole practitioners serve as the biggest single category of practicing lawyers. Midsize firms and large firms provide the human and technological resources to tackle multiple, complex legal issues. This can provide an effective platform for the new and seasoned lawyer alike. And lest we forget, serving as in house counsel provides an entirely different set of challenges from life as a solo or in a firm.

The DCBA has members in all of these settings, and recognizes that lawyers look to it for a variety of reasons. Regardless of practice area or law practice setting, every attorney can benefit from the “home team advantage” DCBA membership provides. Consider the following to make the most of your DCBA membership:

Learning. The DCBA offers over 100 hours of free or discounted live and online CLE on a broad range of legal topics to its members. DCBA Sections and Committees focus on specific areas of law; gathering together interested members to exchange ideas and closely examine trends in their chosen areas. Through Section participation, you will meet attorneys with a wide range of experience, providing excellent mentoring opportunities.

Earning. To assist its members in promoting their practices, the DCBA provides members with resources to continue to grow successful businesses. Attorneys can use our Career Center to post résumés, find jobs and find legal staff. We also offer a fee-based Legal Referral Service that refers over 400 cases each month to member attorneys. The award winning DCBA Brief provides an opportunity to publish articles that increase the author’s reputation and visibility. The DCBA also works with companies to provide discounted services for members on things like office supplies, payroll services, credit card processing and gifts. The cost of a membership can be covered by taking advantage of these deals alone.

Serving. DCBA members give back to the community in many ways. Lawyers Lending a Hand, a monthly public service project, provides hands-on help in area non-profit organizations. DuPage Legal Aid provides and coordinates pro bono legal services for the lower income communities of DuPage County facing family law and/or domestic matters. The DuPage County Pro Se Help Desk provides the opportunity for DCBA members to assist pro se litigants in preparing orders, motions, and other materials in domestic, family law, small claims, and eviction matters.

DCBA participation will help you make connections and gain the experience you need to establish a successful practice and provide you with new ways to grow your business. Please contact Robert Rupp, Cindy Allston or myself as the DCBA supports our noble profession and if you have any questions or thoughts on becoming a bigger part of your DCBA home team.

Gerald Cassioppi is the current DCBA President and is a Partner with Momkus McCluskey Roberts LLC, in Lisle. He counsels businesses, not-for-profits and government entities. He received his law and undergraduate degrees from the University of Illinois, is also a CPA and is active in community leadership, including the Naperville District 203 School Board and as DuPage County Ethics Commission Chairman. Gerry was recognized as DCBA Lawyer of the Year for 2012 and also served as DCBA General Counsel and on its Board of Directors.

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