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Sweet Home Chicago
By James L. Ryan

This year’s President’s Trip will take place on October 20-21, 2016, in downtown Chicago, and will feature events at the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, the Second City Mainstage, and the famed blues hall Kingston Mines. A preview of the trip and a Schedule of Events are included in this issue.

On the cover of this month’s issue, we celebrate two DuPage County brothers, Professor Rick Thomas and Justice Robert Thomas, and the contributions that each has made to the great cultural institutions of Chicago -
Rick Thomas as an actor at the Second City Theatre and Robert Thomas as a kicker for the Chicago Bears - before launching their careers in public service. Inside, we feature a conversation with DCBA President Ted Donner and the Thomas brothers covering a wide range of topics.

Chicago’s most famous nickname may very well be “The Windy City.” I’ve lost count on the number of times I’ve heard out-of-towners and even some locals insist that Chicago was nicknamed The Windy City because of the chilly breeze off Lake Michigan that seemingly catches the entire city by surprise every winter. Not so. According to the Chicago Historical Society, the phrase “Windy City” was first used to describe Chicago by columnist Charles Dana from the New York Sun. In an editorial advocating for New York’s bid for the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition, Mr. Dana complained about the promises made by Chicago politicians in Chicago’s bid for the exposition. Mr. Dana concluded his editorial by imploring the exposition authorities not to get fooled by the  “nonsensical claims of that windy city.” Mr. Dana’s name for Chicago stuck, but his point didn’t. Chicago was awarded the Columbian Exposition.

I’m reminded of Mr. Dana’s words because election season has arrived and all of the promises that come with it. This year, we’ve seen many great people run for elective office, and we’ve heard a great many opinions about those running for elective office as well. It seems like every election cycle, I am asked by friends and family about the local Judge’s races. Perhaps, it is because they recognize that lawyers have the unique ability to evaluate candidates to the judiciary. DCBA evaluates candidates through its judiciary committee and through a joint poll that the DCBA conducts with the ISBA. The results of the joint ISBA/DCBA poll of judicial candidates will be available on the DCBA website once completed.

The DCBA President’s Trip begins with a CLE event at the Seventh Circuit, during which the Seventh Circuit Justices will hear arguments on pending cases and then deliberate in the presence of the attendees. To help familiarize those of us who are not accustomed to practicing before the Seventh Circuit, Ron Menna leads off the Articles section with an excellent piece on Motions for Summary Affirmance in the Seventh Circuit. We also have articles by Daniel Fabbri  covering the assignment of insurance claims and Christine McTigue covering jurisdictional issues in family courts. Brian Dougherty edited our monthly case law updates and gave them an employment law theme. Please enjoy!

Jim Ryan is an associate at the law firm of Roberts & Caruso in Wheaton. He focuses his practice primarily on contested probate, business litigation, and construction law. Jim serves as a member of the DuPage County Bar Association’s Civil Law & Practice Committee, Business Law Committee and Estate Planning Committee. He is also a member of the federal trial bar.

James L. Ryan
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