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Your Award Winning DCBA Brief
By James L. Ryan

Each year, the National Association of Bar Executives reviews various bar association magazines from across the nation and selects the best one for a Luminary Award for Excellence. I am pleased to announce that your DCBA Brief won the 2016 Luminary Award for Excellence in the Best Small Bar Association Regular Publication category. For those of you who count such things, the 2016 award is the third Luminary Award that we have received in the last fi ve years. Just like our Chicago Blackhawks hockey team, we have built a dynasty.

This issue highlights many of the reasons for our success. On the cover, we recognize our Editorial Board who volunteer their time writing the news features that you see in each issue, drafting and editing the articles and legal updates, and assembling each issue for publication. Sitting front and center in the photo are DCBA staff liaison, Jacki Hamler, and last year’s editor Christine McTigue. Both of them were instrumental in freshening up the look of the DCBA Brief magazine. Over the last few years, we have used a competitive application process for our Editorial Board. I think that this process has helped to shape our Editorial Board into a great team that continues to produce award winning content.

Another reason for our success has been the excellent collaboration that we have had with the various substantive law sections within the DCBA. This collaboration has allowed us to provide you with a diverse set of scholarly articles each issue. This month’s issue is yet another example of the diversity and the many talents within our membership. Edyta Salata and Mary Field from the Immigration Law Section bring us a summary of the various visa options available for those looking to hire foreign workers. Suzanne Fitch from the Local Government Section writes about citizens ballot initiatives in Illinois. Mark Schmidt brings us a professional responsibility piece and discusses the ethical issues that a transactional attorney may encounter when faced with the possibility of having to testify in court or in a deposition. This month’s case law updates come from Peter Evans of the Business Law Section and Brian Dougherty of the Labor and Employment Law Section.

The collaboration that we have within our bar association also extends to other organizations, individuals, and groups outside of our membership. Our association’s willingness to reach out to others provides the DCBA Brief with a constant stream of new events and new programs to write about and is another reason for our success. In the News and Events section of this issue, we recap the DCBA President’s Trip in Chicago in which we were able to reach out to over 200 attorneys and law students whose commitments may not have allowed them to attend local DCBA functions at the ARC or at the Bar Association building. We also preview our annual Mega Meeting with discussions from our two keynote speakers – Professor Hank Perritt of the IIT-Kent College of Law and James Grogan of the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission.

While the Luminary Award was awarded to the DCBA Brief, the award is really a tribute to our dynamic organization and those who support us. If you would like to submit an article or law update for publication, please do not hesitate to contact me at (630)510-1800 or by e-mail at

Jim Ryan is an associate at the law firm of Roberts & Caruso in Wheaton. He focuses his practice primarily on contested probate, business litigation, and construction law. Jim serves as a member of the DuPage County Bar Association’s Civil Law & Practice Committee, Business Law Committee and Estate Planning Committee. He is also a member of the federal trial bar.

James L. Ryan
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