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What's Next for the Brief
By James L. Ryan

This issue is the last one for Volume 29. When we started Volume 29 last September, we ran a cover featuring many of those involved in the leadership of our association. On the cover, we asked a simple question: “What’s Next for the DCBA?” In the months that have followed, we’ve tried to answer that question by giving you “the Next”. We highlighted a new Senior Lawyer Division, discussed the new Veterans’ initiatives within the DCBA, interviewed our newest judges, and emphasized programs at various area law schools that supply us with our newest members. Along the way, we won a national award for the best magazine for small bar associations.

One of the reasons for Volume 29’s success has been the commitment of the DCBA’s members to contribute to the magazine. The numbers are compelling. Over 70 members appeared on the cover of our magazine. 44 members contributed scholarly articles and case law updates. 7 judges contributed to our magazine through 5 interviews, a scholarly article, and a “State of the Courthouse” address from our Chief Judge.

Our members’ contribution to the Brief is on display in this issue. For example, in the news section we pay tribute to the many contributions of John Pleviak who volunteered his time as secretary/treasurer of the DCBA for the last 27 years. We also feature a piece from Tony Abear and Richard Kulerski about a 107 year-old law school exam that Richard found tucked inside a used law book. Richard could have simply kept this amazing find to himself, but instead, he offered to share it with our membership. As our law student members complete their exams, this piece should be a particularly enjoyable read. Thank you Richard for sharing your piece of history with us.

Mike Sitrick served as the Articles Editor and brings us three articles on a variety of civil law topics. Alissa Carter Verson provides a discussion on various federal and state laws that regulate franchise business owners. Melissa Bocker discussed information technology issues confronting in house attorneys. Thomas Gardiner and Richard Gleason summarize the latest appellate decisions when a party seeks to substitute judges. Peter Evans and Brian Dougherty provided us with this issue’s legal update and gave them a business and labor law theme. Thank you to Mike and our authors for their contributions.

The editorial board typically takes the summer months off. When we return with our September issue, Azam Nizamuddin will take over this column as the Editor in Chief for Volume 30. As this column will be my last as an editor, I would be remiss without offering a few words of thanks. First, thank you to our readers. When I took the job of Editor, Ted Donner politely reminded me that the DCBA Brief is ranked the #1 benefit of membership in the DCBA. Your support of this magazine has been amazing. To our editorial board, thank you for your dedication to this magazine. You are a brilliant group, and it has been an honor to lead you as editor. To Ted, thank you for choosing me to lead this dynamic group. To Jacki Hamler and the staff at the DCBA, thank you for your commitment to this magazine. I stopped keeping track of all the times that I received e-mails on a Saturday or a Sunday from Jacki and the DCBA staff about the Brief. Your commitment to pulling all of the pieces of this magazine together is extraordinary. To Catherine Ross and our design team, thank you for your creativity.

You deserve all of the credit for “the look” of the magazine. To my law firm colleagues, Matt Caruso and Ryan Kipfer, thank you for your support and guidance during my time as editor. Both of you have been an excellent sounding board throughout my time as editor. I could not have done this job without you. Lastly, thank you to Azam Nizamuddin for volunteering to serve as the editor for Volume 30. I have no doubt that you will put your own stamp on the DCBA Brief and that you will continue to provide our members with “What’s Next”.

Jim Ryan is an associate at the law firm of Roberts & Caruso in Wheaton. He focuses his practice primarily on contested probate, business litigation, and construction law. Jim serves as a member of the DuPage County Bar Association’s Civil Law & Practice Committee, Business Law Committee and Estate Planning Committee. He is also a member of the federal trial bar.

James L. Ryan
Azam Nizamuddin
Associate Editor

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