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We the people
By Azam Nizamuddin

These are the words which began the founding document of our nation, the U.S. Constitution.

As any right of passage, whether it’s a new baseball season or a new school year, we at the DCBA Brief begin our new year with new leadership and some new members of our Editorial Board team. As the new Editor in Chief of the Brief, I reflect upon the perennial phrase, “we the people” in light of the DuPage County Bar Association. For me, this phrase represents the entirety of our legal community, judges, lawyers, paralegals, staff, whose aim is to maintain and enhance the integrity of the legal profession, to improve and facilitate the administration of justice, and to promote the knowledge and education of the law.

We intend to continue our award winning work at the Brief to provide our DCBA members and the legal community interesting, relevant, helpful, and timely articles and information to enhance their practice and to promote camaraderie. To this effect, I would like to thank the extraordinary contribution to the DCBA community and to the literature of the legal profession by my predecessors (during my time on the Editorial Board) Jim Ryan, Christine McTigue, Raleigh Kalbfleisch and John Pcolinski, Jr., respectively.

The collective “We” in the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution has been the source of argument and debate for centuries and has resulted in several Amendments. Over the course of two centuries, there has been an evolution of this phrase. Originally, it referred primarily to land owning males. Now, it includes just about every category of American citizenship. Hence, our understanding of our founding document, the U.S. Constitution has undergone a change.

As Rafiki reminds the adult Simba in the Lion King, “change is good.” With change comes our new DCBA President Gerry Cassioppi. Gerry’s humble and effective leadership will keep our organization in good shape and we look forward to working with him and wish him a successful year. We also welcome our new Associate Editor, Brian Dougherty. Additionally, we have two new members, attorneys Clarissa Myers, and Jolianne Walters. With the addition of these two rookies, we have an all-star line up for the new year. Terry Benshoof will continue to highlight the activities of DCBA members with the In Brief section. DCBA Executive Director Robert Rupp will provide the latest in DCBA tidbits, while Kent Gaertner will update us on what’s happening with the ISBA and Cecilia Najera will report on DuPage Legal Aid.

As a legal history buff, I hope to provide more vignettes of legal history and personalities to enhance our knowledge of the law. For example, the person who actually penned the words, “We the People” in the U.S. Constitution was Governor Morris. Morris was a delegate from New York to the Continental Congress and his stalwart intervention in support of George Washington from a potential challenge may have actually saved the Republic. So, get ready to read more about legal history and the interesting interplay between law and culture.

Accordingly, we begin the new year with our September issue, which starts with a fascinating look at the law of the sea. Edward Tiesenga and Ryan Haught survey the influence of Dutch jurist Hugo Grotius in our contemporary legal system, in “Piracy and Punishment”. Former Editor, Christine McTigue writes about the practical application of obtaining the identity of a defamatory posting on social media through the vehicle of Supreme Court Rule 224. Veteran corporate lawyer Gregory White highlights the changes under the new Limited Liability Company Act which took effect in July of this year. Finally, family law attorney Nancy Chausow Shafer provides a practical guideline on how to implement the new income shares child support statutory scheme which also took effect in July of this year. We appreciate their contributions to the DCBA Brief.

I would strongly encourage all the members of our DCBA community to contribute a substantive article for this coming year. In addition to providing the Brief reading public a topic worth reading, it will also increase your knowledge of a subject matter which can be a great source of marketing and collaboration with others in the legal profession. Plus, you’ll earn necessary CLE credits for your contribution as well!

It is often said that behind every good man, there is a woman. So I would like to thank the diligence and patient support of DCBA staff member Jacki Hamler who has been a pleasure to work with. Thanks also to Catherine Ross who continues to serve as our designer and layout specialist.

Azam (“Az”) Nizamuddin is General Counsel with the American Trust Corporation and Chief Compliance Officer for Allied Asset Advisors in Oak Brook, Illinois. Previously, he practiced commercial litigation and family law with large firms, small firms, and as a solo practitioner. He is an active member of the DCBA, and serves on the DCBA Business Law Section. He also serves on the ISBA Corporate Law Section and previously served on the ISBA ARDC Committee. He was appointed to the Illinois Supreme Court Access to Justice Commission, Language Access Committee. He is also Adjunct Professor at Loyola University
and frequently lectures on the intersection of law and religion.

Azam Nizamuddin
Brian Dougherty
Associate Editor


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